1v-1  kj cM ba ha kU pa rI borq /
  kai chaM bA ha kU pA rI bor  
  kai cham ba ha~ ko pa ri bor  
        kaku par-ib?-r  
  lay a bridge, to PRT say to lay a bridge-R  
'For to lay a bridge, kai is said.'

  1v-2  kj cM ba ema sI borq /
  kai chaM bA mO sI bor  
  kai cham ba mo si bor  
  wipe, to PRT say to wipe-R  
'For wiping, kai is said.'

  1v-3  kj cM ba g; hunq; borq /
  kai chaM bA ga hung hunga bor  
  kai cham ba ga hung hunga bor  
        ga hu? hu?a-b?-r  
  itch, to; feel an itching sensation on the body, to PRT say to feel an itching sensation on the body-R  
'For feeling an itching sensation on the body, kai is said.'

  1v-4  kj cM ba ku ku rkq /
  kai chaM bA ku ku r(a)k  
  kai cham ba ku ku rak  
  fowl PRT say a fowl-K  
'For a fowl, kai is said.'

  1v-5  kj cM ba A; gu rI borq /
  kai chaM bA ?a gu rI bor  
  kai cham ba a gu ri dho ri bor  
  prevent from advancing by surrounding, to PRT say to prevent from advancing by surrounding -R  
'For preventing from advancing by surrounding, kai is said.'

  1v-6  eka cM ba va pI borq /
  kO chaM bA thA pI bor  
  ko cham ba stha pon ko ri bor  
  establish, to PRT say to establish-R  
'For establishing, ko is said.'

  1v-7  eka cM ba k; yI eA] kokq /
  kO chaM bA ka jI E kok  
  ko cham ba ha ji e kok  
  expert PRT say expert -K  
'For expert (of women), ko is said.'

  1v-8  eka cM ba eda la borq /
  kO chaM bA dO lA bor  
  ko cham ba do la bor  
  prune, to PRT say to prune-R  
'For pruning, ko is said.'

  1v-9  eka cM ba epa [I borq /
  kO chaM bA pO ngI bor  
  ko cham ba pang pa ti bor  
  plan, to PRT say to plan-R  
'For planning, ko is said.'

  1v-10  eka cM ba tU morq murq ela g; borq /
  kO chaM bA thU mor mur lO ga bor  
  ko cham ba thu mor mur lo ga bor  
        thum-?r mur l?g-ab?-r  
  start making a basket, to PRT say to start making a basket -R  
'For to start making a basket, ko is said.'

  1v-11  k] cM ba pu era nikq /
  kv chaM bA pu rO nik  
  kav cham ba pu ro nik  
  old PRT say old-K  
'For old, kav is said.'

  1v-12  k] cM ba A; nkq /
  kv chaM bA ?a n(a)k  
  kav cham ba o in ok  
  other PRT say other-K  
'For other, kav is said.'

  1v-13  k] cM ba ema kow rkq /
  kv chaM bA mO kow r(a)k  
  kav cham ba mo ko rak  
  spider PRT say spider-K  
'For spider, kav is said.'

  1v-14  k] cM ba ha ema ronq nokq /
  kv chaM bA hA mO ron ok  
  kav cham ba ha mo ro nik  
  conclusion PRT say conclusion-K  
'For conclusion, kav is said.'

  1v-15  k] cM ba ey] pa kkq /
  kv chaM bA ye pa kak  
  kav cham ba ye pa kak  
    PRT say    

  1v-16  k] cM ba ena tkq /
  kv chaM bA nO t(a)k  
  kav cham ba no tak  
  nine PRT say number nine-K  
'For number nine, kav is said.'

  1v-17  k] cM ba ko la dilq lokq /
  kv chaM bA ko lA dil ok  
  kav cham ba ko la dil ok  
        k?la dil-?k  
  banana flower PRT say banana flower-K  
'For the banana flower, kav is said.'

  1v-18  k] cM ba mI ha la borq /
  kv chaM bA mI hO lA bor  
  kav cham ba mi ho la bor  
  mix together, to PRT say to mix together-R  
'For mixing together, kav is said.'

  2r-1  k] cM ba ef] skq /
  kv chaM bA phE s(a)k  
  kav cham ba phe~ sak  
  owl PRT say an owl-K  
'For an owl, kav is said.'

  2r-2  kM cM ba eba eDa nokq /
  kaM chaM bA bO dhO nok  
  kam cham ba ba dhak  
  hinder, to PRT say to hinder-K  
'For hindrance, kam is said.'

  2r-3  kM cM ba muw vIkq /
  kaM chaM bA muw thIk  
  kam cham ba mu thik  
  fist PRT say a fist-K  
'For a fist, kam is said.'

  2r-4  kM cM ba kpq ed] kI Akq /
  kaM chaM bA k(a)p dE kI ak  
  kam cham ba kap dhe ki ak  
        kap d?ekia-k  
  fern used for making pens PRT say the fern for making pens-K  
'For the fern for making pens, kam is said.'

  2r-5  kM cM ba du honq nokq /
  kaM chaM bA du hon nok  
  kam cham ba du hon ok  
    PRT say    
'For ..., kam is said'

  2r-6  kM cM ba eB] ya dI borq /
  kaM chaM bA bhE jA dI bor  
  kam cham ba bhe ja di bor  
        b?eja di-b?-r  
  press, to PRT say to press-K  
'For pressing, kam is said.'

  2r-7  kjM cM ba eAa nI sokq /
  kaM chaM bA O nI sok  
  kam cham ba o nis tok  
  harm PRT say harm-K  
'For harm, kam is said.'

  2r-8  xa cM ba ex] rokq /
  khA chaM bA khE rok  
  kha cham ba khe rok  
  thatching grass PRT say thatching grass-K  
'For thatching grass, kha is said.'

  2r-9  xa cM ba exa pI borq /
  khA chaM bA khO pI bor  
  kha cham ba kho pi bor  
  ambush PRT say ambush, to  
'For waiting (as for a prey), kha is said.'

  2r-10  x; cM ba em] lEsq sokq /
  kha chaM bA mE l?es ok  
  kha cham ba me le sok  
  slave PRT say slave -K  
'For a slave, kha is said.'

  2r-11  x; cM ba eka tI borq /
  kha chaM bA kO tI bor  
  kha cham ba ka ti bor  
  cut, to PRT say to cut-R  
'For cutting, kha is said.'

  2r-12  xa; cM ba t; honq dI borq /
  khAa chaM bA ta hon dI bor  
  kha cham ba ta hon di bor  
        tah?n di-b?-r  
  apply congee to a loom PRT say to apply congee to a loom-R  
'For applying congee to a loom, kha is said.'

  2r-13  xa cM ba xuw yI borq /
  khA chaM bA khuw jI bor  
  kha cham ba khu ji bor  
  ask, to PRT say to ask for something-R  
'For asking for something, kha is said.'

  2r-14  xa cM ba bI sa rI borq /
  khA chaM bA bI sA rI bor  
  kha cham ba bi sa ri bor  
  search, to PRT say to search-R  
'For searching, kha is said.'

  2r-15  xa cM ba pI rkq /
  khA chaM bA pI r(a)k  
  kha cham ba pi rak  
  stool PRT say a stool-K  
'For a stool, kha is said.'

  2r-16  xI cM ba bIsq t; /
  khI chaM bA bIs ta  
  khi cham ba bis ta  
  dung PRT say dung  
'For dung, khi is said.'

  2r-17  xI cM ba Au vI borq /
  khI chaM bA u thI bor  
  khi cham ba u thi bor  
  get up, to PRT say to get up-R  
'For getting up, khi is said.'

  2r-18  xI cM ba mu N r; gkq /
  khI chaM bA muN ra gok  
  khi cham ba muny ra gok  
  peacock PRT say peacock-K  
'For peacock, khi is said.'

  2r-19  xI cM ba kosq tokq /
  khI chaM bA kos tok  
  khi cham ba kos tok  
  distress PRT say distress-K  
'For distress, khi is said.'

  2r-20  xuw cM ba Ba yI borq /
  khuw chaM bA bhA jI bor  
  khu cham ba bha ji bor  
  fry, to PRT say to fry-R  
'For frying, khu is said.'

  2r-21  xuw cM ba h; kukq /
  khuw chaM bA ha kuk  
  khu cham ba ha~ kuk  
  bridge PRT say a bridge-K  
'For a bridge, khu is said.'

  2r-22  xuw cM ba h; hI borq /
  khuw chaM bA ha hI bor  
  khu cham ba ha hi bor  
  laugh, to PRT say to laugh-R  
'For laughing, khu is said.'

  2v-1  xu cM ba vuw kkq /
  khu chaM bA thuw k(a)k  
  khu cham ba thok ok  
  bunch PRT say a bunch-K  
'For a bunch, khu is said.'

  2v-2  ex] cM ba ex] A; lI ya lokq /
  khE chaM bA khE ?a lI jA lok  
  khe cham ba khe wa li ja lok  
        k?eali jal-?k  
  casting net PRT say a casting net-K  
'For a casting net, khe is said.'

  2v-3  ex] cM ba Au eda fj /
  khE chaM bA ?u dO phai  
  khe cham ba ud phai  
  asthma PRT say asthma  
'For asthma, khe is said.'

  2v-4  ex] cM ba puyq Ba [I borq /
  khE chaM bA puj bhA ngI bor  
  khe cham ba puj bha ngi bor  
        puj b?a?-ib?-r  
  break a carbuncle, to PRT say to break a carbuncle -R  
'For removing the effect of the evil eye, khe is said.'

  2v-5  ex] cM ba ena dIkq /
  khE chaM bA nO dIk  
  khe cham ba no dik  
  river PRT say a river-K  
'For a river, khe is said.'

  2v-6  ex] cM ba em] r; borq /
  khE chaM bA mE ra bor  
  khe cham ba me ra bor  
  bind, to PRT say to bind-R  
'For binding, khe is said.'

  2v-7  xj cM ba gu sI borq /
  khai chaM bA gu sI bor  
  khai cham ba gu si bor  
  get away, to PRT say to get away-R  
'For get away, khai is said.'

  2v-8  xj cM ba AU eka lI A; borq /
  khai chaM bA U kO lI ?a bor  
  khai cham ba u ko lia bor  
  vomit, to PRT say to vomit -R  
'For throwing up, ejecting from the mouth, khai is said.'

  2v-9  xj cM ba el xI borq /
  khai chaM bA le khI bor  
  khai cham ba le khi bor  
  write, to PRT say to write-R  
'For writing, khai is said.'

  2v-10  xj cM ba ela g; borq /
  khai chaM bA lO ga bor  
  khai cham ba lo ga bor  
  join, to PRT say to join-R  
'For joining, khai is said.'

  2v-11  xj cM ba eA] rI borq /
  khai chaM bA ?E rI bor  
  khai cham ba e ri bor  
  leave PRT say to leave -R  
'For leaving, khai is said.'

  2v-12  xj cM ba nuw eAa rI Akq /
  khai chaM bA nuw ?O rI ak  
  khai cham ba no ri ak  
  sick PRT say sick-K  
'For sick, khai is said.'

  2v-13  xj cM ba mu grq ya lIkq /
  khai chaM bA mu g(a)r jA lIk  
  khai cham ba mu gar ja lik  
        muga-r jali-k  
  muga cocoon PRT say a muga cocoon-K  
'For a muga cocoon, khai is said.'

  2v-14  xj cM ba ema lIkq /
  khai chaM bA mO lIk  
  khai cham ba mo lik  
  dirt PRT say dirt-K  
'For dirt, khai is said.'

  2v-15  xj cM ba eka nIkq /
  khai chaM bA kO nIk  
  khai cham ba ko nik  
  egg PRT say egg-K  
'For egg, khai is said.'

  2v-16  xj cM ba mEw hokqku /
  khai chaM bA miuw hok ku  
  khai cham ba mo hok  
  buffalo PRT say buffalo-K  
'For buffalo, khai is said.'

  2v-17  xj cM ba eb] sI borq /
  khai chaM bA bE sI bor  
  khai cham ba be si bor  
  sell, to PRT say to sell-R  
'For selling, khai is said.'

  2v-18  exa cM ba eAa kolq eha rI Akq /
  khO chaM bA ?O kol hO rI ak  
  kho cham ba o kol ho ri ak  
  lonesome PRT say lonesome-K  
'For lonesome, kho is said.'

  2v-19  exa cM ba dI [Ikq /
  khO chaM bA dI ngIk  
  kho cham ba di ngik  
  neck PRT say the neck-K  
'For the neck, kho is said.'

  2v-20  exa cM ba ku rokq /
  khO chaM bA ku rok  
  kho cham ba ko rok  
  hoe PRT say a hoe-K  
'For a hoe, khai is said.'

  2v-21  exa cM ba Aj Dkq /
  khO chaM bA ?ai dh(a)k  
  kho cham ba ai dhak  
  chapter PRT say a chapter-K  
'For a chapter, kho is said.'

  3r-1  exa cM ba A; ku hikq /
  khO chaM bA ?a ku hik  
  kho cham ba a~ ku hik  
  pole, hooked PRT say a hooked pole-K  
'For a hooked pole, kho is said.'

  3r-2  exa cM ba g; vIkq /
  khO chaM bA ga thIk  
  kho cham ba ga thik  
  knot PRT say a knot-K  
'For a knot, kho is said.'

  3r-3  x] cM ba hU kI lkq /
  khv chaM bA hU kI l(a)k  
  khav cham ba hu ku lak  
  white PRT say white-K  
'For white, khav is said.'

  3r-4  x] cM ba hU eb] hokq /
  khv chaM bA hU bE hok  
  khav cham ba hu be hok  
  well-dressed PRT say well-dressed-K  
'For well-dressed, khav is said.'

  3r-5  x] cM ba hI [okq /
  khv chaM bA hI ngok  
  khav cham ba hi ngok  
  horn PRT say horn-K  
'For horn, khav is said.'

  3r-6  x] cM ba h; mI Akq /
  khv chaM bA ha mI ak  
  khav cham ba ha mi ak  
  yawning PRT say yawning-K  
'For yawning, khav is said.'

  3r-7  x] cM ba k; rU likq /
  khv chaM bA ka rU lik  
  khav cham ba ka ru lik  
    PRT say    
'For .

  3r-8  x] cM ba t; torq bokq /
  khv chaM bA ta tor bok  
  khav cham ba ta tor bok  
        tat-?r b?-k  
  heddles of a loom PRT say the heddles of a loom-K  
'For the heddles of a loom, khav is said.'

  3r-9  x] cM ba yu k; rI borq /
  khv chaM bA ju ka rI bor  
  khav cham ba ju ka ri bor  
  shake, to PRT say to shake-R  
'For shaking, khav is said.'

  3r-10  x] cM ba gU rkq /
  khv chaM bA gU r(a)k  
  khav cham ba gu rak  
    PRT say    

  3r-11  x] cM ba hU m; borq /
  khv chaM bA hU ma bor  
  khav cham ba hu ma bor  
  enter, to PRT say to enter -R  
'For enter, khav is said.'

  3r-12  x] cM ba hi bU la kokq /
  khv chaM bA hi bU lA kok  
  khav cham ba hi bi la kok  
  they PRT say they-K  
'For them, khav is said.'

  3r-13  xo] cM ba Ba tokq /
  khov chaM bA bhA tok  
  khau cham ba bha tok  
  rice, boiled PRT say boiled rice-K  
'For boiled rice, khavo is said.'

  3r-14  x] cM ba eka vI Akq /
  khv chaM bA kO thI ak  
  khav cham ba ko thi ak  
  rice, green PRT say green rice plants -K  
'For green paddy plants, khav is said.'

  3r-15  x] cM ba eta nj tu nj dI borq /
  khv chaM bA tO ngai tu ngai dI bor  
  khav cham ba to ngai tu ngai di bor  
        t??ai tu?ai di-b?-r  
  nurse, to PRT say to nurse-R  
'For nursing, khav is said.'

  3r-16  xo] cM ba Dnq nokq /
  khov chaM bA dh(a)n ok  
  khau cham ba dhan ok  
  rice PRT say paddy-K  
'For paddy, khau is said.'

  3r-17  xM cM ba k; purq rokq /
  khaM chaM bA ka pur ok  
  kham cham ba ka pur ok  
  cloth PRT say cloth-K  
'For cloth, kham is said.'

  3r-18  xM cM ba fU tI borq /
  khaM chaM bA phU tI bor  
  kham cham ba phu ti bor  
  hatch, to PRT say to hatch-R  
'For hatching, kham is said.'

  3r-19  xM cM ba gU eDa likq /
  khaM chaM bA gU dhO lik  
  kham cham ba go dho lik  
  evening PRT say evening-K  
'For evening, kham is said.'

  3r-20  xM cM ba tuw tI borq /
  khaM chaM bA tuw tI bor  
  kham cham ba tu ti bor  
  lessen, to PRT say to lessen-R  
'For lessening, kham is said.'

  3r-21  xM cM ba hU nokq /
  khaM chaM bA hu nok  
  kham cham ba hu nok  
  gold PRT say gold  
'For gold, kham is said.'

  3r-22  [; cM ba h; tI dnq tokq /
  nga chaM bA ha tI d(a)n tok  
  nga cham ba ha ti da~ tok  
        hati dant-?k  
  ivory PRT say ivory-K  
'For ivory, nga is said.'

  3v-1  [; cM ba es] prq rokq /
  nga chaM bA sE p(a)r rok  
  nga cham ba se par ok  
  fishing instrument PRT say fishing instrument -K  
'For an instrument for catching fish, nga is said.'

  3v-2  [; cM ba exa ru Akq /
  nga chaM bA khO ru ak  
  nga cham ba kho ru ak  
  hare-lipped PRT say hare-lipped-K  
'For hare-lipped, nga is said.'

  3v-3  [; cM ba tuw A; borq /
  nga chaM bA tuw ?a bor  
  nga cham ba tu a bor  
  aim, to PRT say to aim-R  
'For aiming, nga is said.'

  3v-4  [; cM ba tI lokq /
  nga chaM bA tI lok  
  nga cham ba ti lok  
  sesame PRT say sesame-K  
'For the sesame and its seed, nga is said.'

  3v-5  [I cM ba eA] tkq koj N eha ru tokq /
  ngI chaM bA ?E t(a)k koi N hO ru tok  
  ngi cham ba a tait koi ho ru tok  
        etakk?iny h?ru-t?k  
  youngest PRT say the youngest-K  
'For the youngest, ngi is said.'

  3v-6  [I cM ba hu ega rIkq /
  ngI chaM bA hu gO rIk  
  ngi cham ba hu go rik  
  deer, barking PRT say the barking deer-K  
'For the barking deer, ngi is said.'

  3v-7  [U cM ba sj tkq kojNq eha rU tokq /
  ngU chaM bA sai t(a)t koiN hO rU tok  
  ngu cham ba sai tat koi ho ru tok  
  fifth son PRT say younger than fourth son -K  
'For the fifth son, ngu is said.'

  3v-8  [U cM ba h; pokq /
  ngU chaM bA ha pok  
  ngu cham ba ha pok  
  snake PRT say snake-K  
'For snake, ngu is said.'

  3v-9  e[] cM ba monq punq nokq /
  nge chaM bA mon pun ok  
  nge cham ba mon pon ok  
  tame PRT say tame -K  
'For sincerity, nge is said.'

  3v-10  e[] cM ba hI mkq /
  nge chaM bA hI m(a)k  
  nge cham ba hi mak  
  boundary PRT say boundary-K  
'For boundary, nge is said.'

  3v-11  e[] cM ba hia k; rIkq /
  nge chaM bA hit ka rIk  
  nge cham ba hit ka rik  
  well-wisher PRT say a well-wisher-K  
'For a well-wisher, nge is said.'

  3v-12  [j cM ba hI esa rI how borq /
  ngai chaM bA hI sO rI how bor  
  ngai cham ba hi so ri ho bor  
        his?ri h?-b?-r  
  scatter, to PRT say to scatter-R  
'For scattering, ngai is said.'

  3v-13  [j cM ba k; yokq /
  ngai chaM bA ka jok  
  ngai cham ba ka jok  
  work PRT say work -K  
'For work, ngai is said.'

  3v-14  [j cM ba eha eta rj /
  ngai chaM bA hO tO rai  
  ngai cham ba ho to rai  
  frequently PRT say frequently  
'For frequently, ngai is said.'

  3v-15  [j cM ba AU yukq /
  ngai chaM bA U juk  
  ngai cham ba u juk  
  easy PRT say easy-K  
'For easy, ngai is said.'

  3v-16  e[a cM ba GU ku hkq /
  ngO chaM bA ghU ku h(a)k  
  ngo cham ba ghu ku hak  
  dent PRT say dent -K  
'For a dent, ngo is said.'

  3v-17  e[a cM ba ku pal /
  ngO chaM bA ku pal  
  ngo cham ba ku pal  
    PRT say    

  3v-18  [] cM ba sj Akq /
  ngv chaM bA sai ak  
  ngav cham ba sai ak  
  shadow PRT say shadow-K  
'For shadow, ngav is said.'

  3v-19  [] cM ba bg bI eroa lI /
  ngv chaM bA b(a)g bI roO lI  
  ngav cham ba bagh bi ro li  
  cat, wild PRT say a wild cat  
'For a wild cat, ngav is said.'

  3v-20  [] cM ba rosq mIkq /
  ngv chaM bA ros mIk  
  ngav cham ba ros mik  
  ray of light PRT say a ray of light-K  
'For a ray of light, ngav is said.'

  3v-21  [M cM ba gut ro /
  ngaM chaM bA gut ro  
  ngam cham ba gut ro  
  clan PRT say clan  
'For clan, ngam is said.'

  10v-1  sa cM ba moNq tkq /
  sA chaM bA moN t(a)k  
  sa cham ba mon tak  
  ladder, a single bamboo used as a ladder PRT say a single bamboo used as a ladder-K  
'For a single bamboo used as a ladder, sa is said.'

  10v-2  sa cM ba kU exa lokq /
  sA chaM bA kU khO lok  
  sa cham ba ku kho lok  
  well being PRT say well being-K  
'For well being, sa is said.'

  10v-3  sa cM ba va kI borq /
  sA chaM bA thA kI bor  
  sa cham ba tha ki bor  
  stay, to PRT say to stay-R  
'For staying, sa is said.'

  10v-4  sa cM ba eBa ykq /
  sA chaM bA bhO j(a)k  
  sa cham ba bho jak  
  fried PRT say fried-K  
'For fried, sa is said.'

  10v-5  sa cM ba bi eAa mI borq /
  sA chaM bA bi O mI bor  
  sa cham ba bi o mi bor  
  spread, to PRT say to spread-R  
'For spreading, sa is said.'

  10v-6  sa cM ba dU xokq /
  sA chaM bA dU khok  
  sa cham ba du khok  
  sorrow PRT say sorrow-K  
'For sorrow, sa is said.'

  10v-7  sI cM ba eBa rI borq /
  sI chaM bA bhO rI bor  
  si cham ba bho ri bor  
  fill, to PRT say to fill-R  
'For filling, si is said.'

  10v-8  sI cM ba sj tkq /
  sI chaM bA sai t(a)k  
  si cham ba sai tak  
  four PRT say four-K  
'For four, si is said.'

  10v-9  sI cM ba eya eba krq d tokq /
  sI chaM bA jO bO k(a)r d tok  
  si cham ba jo bo kar d tok  
        jobokar dat-ok  
  tooth of a rake PRT say tooth of a rake-K  
'For a tooth of a rake, si is said.'

  10v-10  sI cM ba ela r; bU k; ela borq /
  sI chaM bA lO ra bU ka lO bor  
  si cham ba lo ra bu ka lo bor  
        lorai buka lo-bo-r  
  play, children playing with mud PRT say children to play with mud-R  
'For children to play with mud, si is said.'

  10v-11  sU cM ba eta how tokq /
  sU chaM bA tO how tok  
  su cham ba tou ho tok  
  you (pl) PRT say 2pl.inf-K  
'For you all, su is said.'

  10v-12  sU cM ba yUxq la gI borq /
  sU chaM bA jUkh lA gI bor  
  su cham ba jukh la gi bor  
        dukh lag-ibo-r  
  sorrow, to feel PRT say to feel sorrow-

  10v-13  sU cM ba eba rI borq /
  sU chaM bA bO rI bor  
  su cham ba bo ri bor  
  allegiance, to acknowledge PRT say to acknowledge allegiance-R  
'For acknowledging allegiance, su is said.'

  10v-14  sU cM ba eda xI nkq /
  sU chaM bA dO khI n(a)k  
  su cham ba do khi nak  
  gift PRT say gift-K  
'For gift, su is said.'

  10v-15  sU cM ba Akq ma nokq /
  sU chaM bA ?ak mA nok  
  su cham ba ak ma nok  
  arrival PRT say arrival-K  
'For arrival, su is said.'

  10v-16  sU cM ba la Bokq /
  sU chaM bA lA bhok  
  su cham ba la bhok  
  profit PRT say profit-K  
'For profit, su is said.'

  10v-17  sEw cM ba pU nokq /
  siuw chaM bA pU nok  
  sv cham ba pu nok  
  straight PRT say straight-K  
'For straight, sv is said.'

  10v-18  sEw cM ba ba gkq /
  siuw chaM bA bA g(a)k  
  sv cham ba ba gak  
  tiger PRT say tiger-K  
'For tiger, sv is said.'

  10v-19  sEw cM ba tow ela skq /
  siuw chaM bA tow lO s(a)k  
  sv cham ba tou lo sak  
  cloth, a piece of cloth spread under a seat PRT say a piece of cloth spread under a seat-K  
'For a piece of cloth spread under a seat, sv is said.'

  10v-20  sEw cM ba sU lkq /
  siuw chaM bA sU l(a)k  
  sv cham ba su lak  
  shirt PRT say shirt-K  
'For a shirt, sv is said.'

  10v-21  sEw cM ba kI nI borq /
  siuw chaM bA kI nI bor  
  sv cham ba ki ni bor  
  buy, to PRT say to buy-R  
'For buying, sv is said.'

  10v-22  es] cM ba hlq m; rI borq /
  sE chaM bA h(a)l ma rI bor  
  se cham ba hal ma ri bor  
        hal mar-ibo-r  
  pin, to PRT say to pin-R  
'For pinning, se is said.'

  11r-1  es] cM ba BU r; g; eha rikq /
  sE chaM bA bhU ra ga hO rik  
  se cham ba bhu ra ga ho rik  
        bhura gahori-k  
  hog, kind of PRT say a kind of hog-K  
'For a kind of hog, se is said.'

  11r-2  es] cM ba m; rI eha era k; borq /
  sE chaM bA ma rI hO rO ka bor  
  se cham ba ma ri ho ro ka bor  
        mari horoka-bo-r  
  bar, to pass a bar through something PRT say to pass a bar through something-R  
'For passing a bar through something, se is said.'

  11r-3  es] cM ba m; rI eha era k; borq /
  sE chaM bA ma rI hO rO ka bor  
  se cham ba ma ri ho ro ka bor  
        mari holoka-bo-r  
  unfasten, to unfasten a bar attached to something PRT say to unfasten a bar attached to something-R  
'For unfastening a bar attached to something, se is said.'

  11r-4  es] cM ba AU eta g; borq /
  sE chaM bA ?U tO ga bor  
  se cham ba u to ga bor  
  excite, to PRT say to excite-R  
'For excitement, se is said.'

  11r-5  sj cM ba pu bot er] nu Au lu Akq /
  sai chaM bA pu bot rE nu ?U lu ak  
  sai cham ba pu bot re nu u lu ak  
        pubot renu ulua-k  
  rainbow, the appearance of a rainbow in the east PRT say the appearance of a rainbow in the east-K  
'For the appearance of a rainbow in the east, sai is said.'

  11r-6  sj cM ba yI ... hIk /
  sai chaM bA yi ... hik  
  sai cham ba yi ... hik  
    PRT say    

  11r-7  sj cM ba eh] pkq /
  sai chaM bA hE p(a)k  
  sai cham ba he pak  
  press, to PRT say -K  
'For pressing, sai is said.'

  11r-8  sj cM ba eya rikq /
  sai chaM bA jO rik  
  sai cham ba jo rik  
  thread PRT say thread-K  
'For thread, sai is said.'

  11r-9  sj cM ba A] x; lI borq /
  sai chaM bA ?E kha lI bor  
  sai cham ba e kha li bor  
  rinse, to PRT say to rinse-R  
'For rinsing, sai is said.'

  11r-10  sj cM ba eh] sU kI borq /
  sai chaM bA hE sU kI bor  
  sai cham ba he su ki bor  
  push, to PRT say to push -R  
'For pushing, sai is said.'

  11r-11  sj cM ba ba lIkq /
  sai chaM bA bA lIk  
  sai cham ba ba lik  
  sand PRT say sand-K  
'For sand, sai is said.'

  11r-12  sj cM ba hU yI borq /
  sai chaM bA hU jI bor  
  sai cham ba hu ji bor  
        dhar huj-ibo-r  
  repay, to PRT say to repay-R  
'For repaying, sai is said.'

  11r-13  sj cM ba lUpq% pI Akq /
  sai chaM bA lUp lUp I ak  
  sai cham ba lup lup iak  
  overripe PRT say overripe-K  
'For overripe, sai is said.'

  11r-14  esa cM ba so rU mow k; borq /
  sO chaM bA so rU mow ka bor  
  so cham ba so ru mou ka bor  
        soru moka-bo-r  
  bake an earthen vessel, to PRT say to bake earthen vessel to harden them-R  
'For baking earthen vessel to harden them, so is said.'

  11r-15  esa cM ba xU sow rI Ak /
  sO chaM bA khU sow rI ak  
  so cham ba khu sou ri ak  
  complainant PRT say complainant-K  
'For complainant, so is said.'

  11r-16  s] cM ba g; eBa rUkq /
  sV chaM bA ga bhO rUk  
  sav cham ba ga bho ruk  
  woman, young unmarried PRT say young unmarried woman-K  
'For a young unmarried woman, sav is said.'

  11r-17  s] cM ba darq rIkq /
  sV chaM bA dAr ik  
  sav cham ba da rik  
  convict PRT say convict-k  
'For convict, sav is said.'

  11r-18  s] cM ba rj va kI borq /
  sV chaM bA rai thA kI bor  
  sav cham ba rai tha ki bor  
        roi tha ki bor  
  wait, to PRT say to remain waiting-R  
'For remain waiting, sav is said.'

  11r-19  s] cM ba xU tkq /
  sV chaM bA khU t(a)k  
  sav cham ba khu tak  
  post PRT say a post-K  
'For a post, sav is said.'

  11r-20  s] cM ba eh] em] kI borq /
  sV chaM bA hE mE kI bor  
  sav cham ba he me ki bor  
  moisten, to PRT say to moisten-R  
'For moisten, sav is said.'

  11v-1  s] cM ba AU hU mI borq /
  sV chaM bA ?U hU mI bor  
  sav cham ba u hu mi bor  
  mouldy, to be PRT say to be mouldy  
'For being mouldy, sav is said.'

  11v-2  s] cM ba KU m; lI borq /
  sV chaM bA gU ma lI bor  
  sav cham ba gu ma li bor  
        megh gumal-ibo-r  
  cloudy, to be PRT say to be cloudy-R  
'For sky being cloudy, sav is said.'

  11v-3  sM cM ba dU Aj xu sI borq /
  saM chaM bA dU ai khu sI bor  
  sam cham ba du ai khu si bor  
        duai khuj-ibo-r  
  ask for again, to PRT say to ask for again-R  
'For asking again, sam is said.'

  11v-4  sM cM ba eBa era dI borq /
  saM chaM bA bhO rO dI bor  
  sam cham ba bho ro di bor  
        bhar di-bo-r  
  weigh, to give weight PRT say to give weight-R  
'For giving weight, sam is said.'

  11v-5  sM cM ba Ba lokq /
  saM chaM bA bhA lok  
  sam cham ba bha lok  
  good PRT say good-K  
'For good, sam is said.'

  11v-6  sM cM ba eBa era dI borq /
  saM chaM bA bhO rO dI bor  
  sam cham ba bho ro di bor  
        bhar di-bo-r  
  weigh, to give weight PRT say to give weight-R  
'For giving weight, sam is said.'

  11v-7  sM cM ba Aa la Kikq /
  saM chaM bA aA lA gik  
  sam cham ba aa la gik  
  woman not preferred by her husband PRT say a woman not preferred by her husband-K  
'For a woman not preferred by her husband, sam is said.'

  11v-8  sM cM ba tI nI tkq /
  saM chaM bA tI nI t(a)k  
  sam cham ba ti ni tak  
  three PRT say three-K  
'For three, sam is said.'

  11v-9  r; cM ba eba rU xUnq /
  ra chaM bA bO rU khUn  
  ra cham ba bo ru khun  
  rain PRT say rain  
'For rain, ra is said.'

  11v-10  r; cM ba drq rokq /
  ra chaM bA d(a)r ok  
  ra cham ba dar ok  
  instrument for measuring land PRT say an instrument for measuring land-K  
'For an instrument for measuring land, ra is said.'

  11v-11  r; cM ba eAa nIsq tokq /
  ra chaM bA ?O nIs tok  
  ra cham ba o nis tok  
  harm PRT say harm-K  
'For harm, ra is said.'

  11v-12  rI cM ba ega rI borq /
  rI chaM bA gO rI bor  
  ri cham ba go ri bor  
  shape, to give shape PRT say to give shape-R  
'For giving shape, ri is said.'

  11v-13  rI cM ba exa lokq /
  rI chaM bA khO lok  
  ri cham ba kho lok  
  agitate PRT say agitate  
'For agitation, ri is said.'

  11v-14  rI cM ba da ela Akq /
  rI chaM bA dA lO ak  
  ri cham ba da lo ak  
  temple PRT say temple-K  
'For temple, ri is said.'

  11v-15  rU cM ba AU rU ki borq /
  rU chaM bA ?U rU ki bor  
  ru cham ba u ru ki bor  
  leak, to PRT say to leak-R  
'For leaking, ru is said.'

  11v-16  rU cM ba h; [; rkq /
  rU chaM bA ha nga r(a)k  
  ru cham ba ha nga rak  
        hangi bhar-ok  
  load carried by two persons PRT say a load carried by two persons-K  
'For a load carried by two persons, ru is said.'

  11v-17  rU cM ba ya ni borq /
  rU chaM bA jA ni bor  
  ru cham ba ja ni bor  
  know, to PRT say to know-R  
'For knowing, ru is said.'

  11v-18  rU cM ba mU rokq /
  rU chaM bA mU rok  
  ru cham ba mu rok  
  head PRT say head-K  
'For head, ru is said.'

  11v-19  rEw cM ba AU rU kI borq /
  riuw chaM bA ?U rU kI bor  
  rv cham ba u ru ki bor  
  leak, to PRT say to leak-R  
'For leaking, rv is said.'

  11v-20  rEw cM ba Kotq rokq /
  riuw chaM bA got rok  
  rv cham ba got rok  
  hole PRT say hole-K  
'For a hole, rv is said.'

  11v-21  rEw cM ba d]w Aokq /
  riuw chaM bA dVw ?ok  
  rv cham ba dew ok  
  evil spirit PRT say an evil spirit-K  
'For an evil spirit, rv is said.'

  12r-1  rEw cM ba vU kkq /
  riuw chaM bA thU kk  
  rv cham ba thu kok  
  bunch PRT say bunch (of fruits)-K  
'For a bunch (of fruits), rv is said.'

  12r-2  rEw cM ba ga mokq /
  riuw chaM bA gA mok  
  rv cham ba ga mok  
  sweat PRT say sweat-K  
'For sweat, rv is said.'

  12r-3  er] cM ba yonq mrq A] lkq /
  rE chaM bA jon m(a)r E l(a)k  
  re cham ba jon mar e lak  
  rebirth PRT say rebirth-K  
'For rebirth, re is said.'

  12r-4  er] cM ba A; ega sI /
  rE chaM bA ?a gO sI  
  re cham ba a go si  
  prevent one from going ahead, to PRT say to prevent one from going ahead-K  
'For preventing one from going ahead, re is said.'

  12r-5  er] cM ba er] tI borq /
  rE chaM bA rE tI bor  
  re cham ba re ti bor  
  speak ill of, to PRT say to speak ill of one-R  
'For speaking ill of one, re is said.'

  12r-6  rj cM ba eA] rkq /
  rai chaM bA E r(a)k  
  rai cham ba e rak  
  abandon PRT say abandon-K  
'For abandon, rai is said.'

  12r-7  rj cM ba eha r; borq /
  rai chaM bA hO ra bor  
  rai cham ba he ra bor  
  lose, to PRT say lose-to-K  

  12r-8  rj cM ba kU p] ema r; ya lokq /
  rai chaM bA kU pv mO ra jA lok  
  rai cham ba ku peu mo ra ja lok  
        kopou dh?ra jal-Ok  
  net for catching doves PRT say dove-conjV-net-K  
'For a net for catching dove, rai is said.'

  12r-9  rj cM ba k; eta lU Akq /
  rai chaM bA ka tO lU ak  
  rai cham ba ka to lu ak  
  tax-payer PRT say tax payer-K  
'For a tax payer, rai is said.'

  12r-10  rj cM ba eb] Akq /
  rai chaM bA bE ak  
  rai cham ba be ak  
  bad PRT say bad-K  
'For bad, rai is said.'

  12r-11  rj cM ba AU eka hokq /
  rai chaM bA U kO hok  
  rai cham ba u ko hok  
  bedbug PRT say bedbug-K  
'For bedbug, rai is said.'

  12r-12  rj cM ba hU mikq /
  rai chaM bA hU mik  
  rai cham ba hu mik  
  insect PRT say insect-K  
'For a kind of insect, rai is said.'

  12r-13  rj cM ba s; hikq /
  rai chaM bA sa hik  
  rai cham ba sa hik  
  mite, kind of PRT say a kind of mite-K  
'For a kind of mite, rai is said.'

  12r-14  rj cM ba sI rU gI Akq /
  rai chaM bA sI rU gI ak  
  rai cham ba si ru gi ak  
  chronically ill person PRT say chronically ill person-K  
'For chronically ill person, rai is said.'

  12r-15  rj cM ba ko[q [; lokq /
  rai chaM bA kong nga lok  
  rai cham ba kong nga lok  
  poor PRT say poor-R  
'For poor, rai is said.'

  12r-16  era cM ba Dnq Aorq sU rkq /
  rO chaM bA dhan or sU r(a)k  
  ro cham ba dhan or su rak  
        d?an-Or sira-k  
  sheaf of corn PRT say corn-sheaf-K  
'For a sheaf of corn, ro is said.'

  12r-17  era cM ba tw epa lkq /
  rO chaM bA t(a)w pO l(a)k  
  ro cham ba taw po lak  
  bundle PRT say bundle-K  
'For a bundle, ro is said.'

  12r-18  era cM ba bU lU rokq /
  rO chaM bA bU lU rok  
  ro cham ba bu lu rok  
  dye, to PRT say to dye-K  
'For dying, ro is said.'

  12r-19  era cM ba Ksq pU xa borq /
  rO chaM bA g(a)s pU khA bor  
  ro cham ba gas pu kha bor  
        g?s puk?a-b?-r  
  shoot forth, to (as of a tree) PRT say tree shoot forth(as of a tree)-to-R  
'For shooting forth (as of a tree), ro is said.'

  12r-20  era cM ba pI hI borq /
  rO chaM bA pI hI bor  
  ro cham ba pi hi bor  
  grind, to PRT say to grind-R  
'For grinding, ro is said.'

  12r-21  r] cM ba AU konq nikq /
  rV chaM bA U kon ik  
  reu cham ba u kon ik  
  louse PRT say a louse-K  
'For a louse, reu is said.'

  12r-22  r] cM ba A; k; hokq /
  rV chaM bA ?a ka hok  
  reu cham ba a ka hok  
  sky PRT say sky-K  
'For sky, reu is said.'

  12v-1  r] cM ba t; pokq /
  rV chaM bA ta pok  
  rav cham ba ta pok  
  heat PRT say heat-K  
'For heat, rav is said.'

  12v-2  r] cM ba ehoa r; borq /
  rV chaM bA hoO ra bor  
  rav cham ba hoo ra bor  
  lose, to PRT say to lose-R  
'For losing, rav is said.'

  12v-3  r] cM ba h; t; m; rikq /
  rV chaM bA ha ta ma rik  
  rav cham ba ha ta ma rik  
        heta mari-k  
  hand-rail PRT say a hand-rail-K  
'For a hand-rail, rav is said.'

  12v-4  r] cM ba Aa mkq /
  rV chaM bA ?A m(a)k  
  rav cham ba aa mak  
  we PRT say we-K  
'For we, rav is said.'

  12v-5  r]w cM ba ed] AU lo[q GI borq /
  rVw chaM bA dE ?U long ghI bor  
  rau cham ba de u long ghi bor  
        deu ulogghi-bo-r  
  disrespect demon-worship, to PRT say to disrespect demon- worship-R  
'For disrespecting demon- worship, rau is said.'

  12v-6  r]w cM ba exa rokq /
  rVw chaM bA khO rok  
  rau cham ba kho rok  
  dry season, itching of the skin PRT say itching of the skin, the dry season-K  
'For the dry season, itching of the skin, rau is said.'

  12v-7  r]w cM ba GU ema tIkq /
  rVw chaM bA ghU mO tIk  
  rau cham ba ghu mo tik  
  nap PRT say nap-K  
'For nap, rau is said.'

  12v-8  rM cM ba dU rI da borq /
  raM chaM bA nU rI nA bor  
  ram cham ba nu ri na bor  
  fold and tie, to PRT say to fold and tie-R  
'For folding and tying, ram is said.'

  12v-9  rM cM ba m; nkq eka sI borq /
  raM chaM bA ma n(a)k kO sI bor  
  ram cham ba ma nak ko si bor  
        manuh-ok kos-ibo-r  
  curse, to PRT say to curse somebody-R  
'For cursing somebody, ram is said.'

  12v-10  rM cM ba Aonq nokq /
  raM chaM bA ?On nok  
  ram cham ba on nok  
  food, other PRT say food, other-K  
'For food, other ram is said.'

  12v-11  rM cM ba h; [ikq /
  raM chaM bA ha ngik  
  ram cham ba ha ngik  
        hangi bhar-ok  
  load carried by two persons PRT say a load carried by two persons-K  
'For a load carried by two persons, ram is said.'

  12v-12  rM cM ba eA] rkkq /
  raM chaM bA ?E r(a)kk  
  ram cham ba e rakk  
  free PRT say left/ free(V)-K  
'For left / free(Verb), ram is said.'

  12v-13  ya cM ba eA] v] eA]kq /
  jA chaM bA ?E thV Ek  
  ja cham ba e theu ek  
  great grandmother PRT say great grandmother-K  
'For great grandmother (paternal, maternal), ja is said.'

  12v-14  ya cM ba eA] rI borq /
  jA chaM bA ?E rI bor  
  ja cham ba e ri bor  
  free, to be PRT say to be free-R  
'For being free, ja is said.'

  12v-15  ya cM ba ya kow rI borq /
  jA chaM bA jA kow rI bor  
  ja cham ba ja kow ri bor  
  shake, to PRT say to shake-R  
'For shaking, ja is said.'

  12v-16  yI cM ba eBa r; lokq /
  jI chaM bA bhO ra lok  
  ji cham ba bho ra lok  
  store PRT say a store-K  
'For a store, ji is said.'

  12v-17  yI cM ba borq eya nI yI eA] kokq /
  jI chaM bA bor jO nI jI ?E kok  
  ji cham ba bor jo ni ji e kok  
        borjoni jiek-ok  
  daughter, eldest PRT say the eldest daughter-K  
'For the eldest daughter, ji is said.'

  12v-18  yI cM ba eA] eba rI Akq /
  jI chaM bA ?E bO rI ak  
  ji cham ba e bo ri ak  
  animals having one genital organ, PRT say having one genital organ, of animals-K  
'For animals having one genital organ, ji is said.'

  12v-19  yj cM ba yI likq /
  jai chaM bA jI lik  
  jai cham ba ji lik  
  flying insect PRT say flying insect-K  
'For flying insect, jai is said.'

  13r-1  eya cM ba pRo xo[q xkq /
  jO chaM bA pro khong kh(a)k  
  jo cham ba pro khong khak  
  praise PRT say praise-K  
'For praise, jo is said.'

  13r-2  y] cM ba GU m; borq /
  jV chaM bA ghU ma bor  
  jav cham ba gu ma bor  
  sleep, to, covered from head to foot PRT say to sleep covering from head to foot-R  
'For sleeping covering from head to foot, jav is said.'

  13r-3  y] cM ba eA] t; borq /
  jV chaM bA ?E ta bor  
  jav cham ba e ta bor  
  completed, to be PRT say to be completed-R  
'For completing, jav is said.'

  13r-4  yM cM ba tI tI borq /
  jaM chaM bA tI tI bor  
  jam cham ba ti ti bor  
  wet, to get PRT say to get wet-R  
'For getting wet, jam is said.'

  13r-5  yM cM ba Ba pI borq /
  jaM chaM bA bhA pI bor  
  jam cham ba bha pi bor  
  think, to PRT say to think-R  
'For thinking, jam is said.'

  13r-6  yM cM ba b; nokq /
  jaM chaM bA ba nok  
  jam cham ba ba nok  
  fish trap PRT say fish trap-K  
'For a fish trap, jam is said.'

  13r-7  yM cM ba dU tIrq pa sotq yonq mkq /
  jaM chaM bA dU tIr pA sot jon m(a)k  
  jam cham ba du tir pa sot jon mak  
        dutar pasot upoja hontan-ok  
  child, third PRT say the third child-K  
'For the third child, jam is said.'

  13r-8  yM cM ba borq eBa nkq /
  jaM chaM bA bor bhO n(a)k  
  jam cham ba bor bho nak  
  husband's elder brother PRT say husband's elder brother-K  
'For husband's elder brother, jam is said.'

  13r-9  yM cM ba k; hokq /
  jaM chaM bA ka hok  
  jam cham ba ka hok  
  bell-metal PRT say bell-metal-K  
'For bell-metal, jam is said.'

  13r-10  yM cM ba eBa kU rI borq /
  jaM chaM bA bhO kU rI bor  
  jam cham ba bho ku ri bor  
  mouldy, to be PRT say to be mouldy-R  
'For being mouldy, jam is said.'

  13r-11  N; cM ba eda era pokq /
  Na chaM bA dO rO pok  
  nya cham ba do ro pok  
  medicine PRT say medicine-K  
'For medicine, nya is said.'

  13r-12  N; cM ba ya kI m; rI borq /
  Na chaM bA jA kI ma rI bor  
  nya cham ba ja ki ma ri bor  
        jikar kha-bo-r  
  squeal with excitement, to PRT say to squeal with excitement-R  
'For squealing with excitement, nya is said.'

  13r-13  N; cM ba AU ynq x; borq /
  Na chaM bA ?U j(a)n kha bor  
  nya cham ba u jan kha bor  
        ujan mar-ibo-r  
  catch fish, to, while coming in a shoal PRT say to catch fish while coming in a shoal-R  
'For catching fish while coming in a shoal, nya is said.'

  13r-14  N; cM ba eba nokq /
  Na chaM bA bO nok  
  nya cham ba bo nok  
  grass PRT say grass-K  
'For grass, nya is said.'

  13r-15  [q NI cM ba yU r; lI pitq x; borq /
  ...ng NI chaM bA jU ra lI pit kha bor  
  ...ng nyi cham ba ju ra li pit kha bor  
        jura lipit kha-bo-r  
  join, to cause a broken thing to join together PRT say to cause a broken thing to join together-R  
'For causing a broken thing to join together, nyi is said.'

  13r-16  NI cM ba Kutq xj Aa ela sI borq /
  NI chaM bA gut khai ?A lO sI bor  
  nyi cham ba gut khai aa lo si bor  
  consult, to PRT say to consult-R  
'For consulting, nyi is said.'

  13r-17  NU cM ba bUera nikq /
  NU chaM bA bU rO nik  
  nyu cham ba bu ro nik  
        panir burburoni-k  
  bubbles PRT say bubbles-K  
'For bubbles, nyu is said.'

  13r-18  eN] cM ba eb]] eka nikq /
  NE chaM bA bE bE kO nik  
  nye cham ba be be ko nik  
  bleating PRT say bleating of sheep, goat-K  
'For bleating of goat, sheep, nye is said.'

  13r-19  Nj cM ba yI likq /
  Nai chaM bA jI lik  
  nyai cham ba ji lik  
        noga jili-k  
  dragon-fly PRT say a dragon-fly-K  
'For a dragon-fly, nyai is said.'

  13r-20  eNa cM ba mU tU kI borq /
  NO chaM bA mU tU kI bor  
  nyo cham ba mu tu ki bor  
  bend, to PRT say to bend-R  
'For bending, nyo is said.'

  13v-1  N] cM ba da e[a rokq /
  Nv chaM bA dA ngO rok  
  nyav cham ba da ngo rok  
  big PRT say big/elder-K  
'For big/elder, nyv is said.'

  13v-2  NM cM ba sU ba borq /
  NaM chaM bA sU bA bor  
  nyam cham ba su ba bor  
  chew, to PRT say to chew-R  
'For chewing, nyam is said.'

  13v-3  NM cM ba eba ya borq /
  NaM chaM bA bO jA bor  
  nyam cham ba bo ja bor  
  play an instrument, to PRT say to play(instrument)-R  
'For play(instrument), nyam is said.'

  13v-4  NM cM ba h; hI borq /
  NaM chaM bA ha hI bor  
  nyam cham ba ha hi bor  
  laugh, to PRT say to laugh-R  
'For laughing, nyam is said.'

  13v-5  NM cM ba sM sow rikq /
  NaM chaM bA saM sow rik  
  nyam cham ba sam sow rik  
  water insect PRT say a water insect-R  
'For a kind of water insect, nyam is said.'

  13v-6  la cM ba eb] lI eBa tI Aj ya borq /
  lA chaM bA bE lI bhO tI ?ai jA bor  
  la cham ba be li bho ti ai ja bor  
        beli bhotiai ja-bo-r  
  rotation of the earth PRT say the rotation of the earth towards the west-R  
'For the rotation of the earth towards the west, la is said.'

  13v-7  la cM ba mU eka lIkq /
  lA chaM bA mU kO lIk  
  la cham ba mu ko lik  
  open PRT say open-K  
'For open, la is said.'

  13v-8  la cM ba eb] lI eha borq /
  lA chaM bA bE lI hO bor  
  la cham ba be li ho bor  
        beli ho-bo-r  
  late, to be PRT say to be late-R  
'For being late, la is said.'

  13v-9  la cM ba la e[a tkq /
  lA chaM bA lA ngO t(a)k  
  la cham ba la ngo tak  
  naked PRT say naked-K  
'For naked, la is said.'

  13v-10  lI cM ba boj N] b; nokq /
  lI chaM bA boi Nv ba nok  
  li cham ba boi nyeu ba nok  
  fish trap, tunnel shaped PRT say a dam and tunnel shaped trap for catching fish-K  
'For a dam and tunnel shaped trap for catching fish, li is said.'

  13v-11  lI cM ba sI Akq /
  lI chaM bA sI ?ak  
  li cham ba si ak  
  thinner, gradually PRT say gradually thinner-K  
'For gradually thinner, li is said.'

  13v-12  lI cM ba pI tokq /
  lI chaM bA pI tok  
  li cham ba pi tok  
  bile PRT say bile-K  
'For bile, li is said.'

  13v-13  lU cM ba bw eA] kokq /
  lU chaM bA b(a)w ?E kok  
  lu cham ba baw e kok  
  sister-in-law PRT say brother's wife-K  
'For sister-in-law, lu is said.'

  13v-14  lU cM ba dnq nI rj /
  lU chaM bA d(a)n nI rai  
  lu cham ba dan i rai  
        dan di-bo-r  
  donate, to PRT say to give as a religious act-R  
'For giving as a religious act, lu is said.'

  13v-15  lU cM ba Ba gI borq /
  lU chaM bA bhA gI bor  
  lu cham ba bha gi bor  
  break, to PRT say to break-R  
'For breaking, lu is said.'

  13v-16  lU cM ba sipq r[q [o[q /
  lU chaM bA sip r(a)ng ?ong  
  lu cham ba sip rang ong  
  spade PRT say an iron instrument for digging-K  
'For an iron instrument for digging, lu is said.'

  13v-17  lEw cM ba sI [I borq /
  liuw chaM bA sI ngI bor  
  lv cham ba si ngi bor  
  tear, to PRT say to tear-R  
'For tearing, lv is said.'

  13v-18  lEw cM ba mIlq eha borq /
  liuw chaM bA mIl hO bor  
  lv cham ba mil ho bor  
        mil ho-bo-r  
  united, to be PRT say to be united  
'For being united, lv is said.'

  13v-19  lEw cM ba eAa vI kokq /
  liuw chaM bA ?O thI kk  
  lv cham ba o thi kok  
  excess PRT say excess-K  
'For excess, lv is said.'

  13v-20  lEw cM ba Ba eKa rokq /
  liuw chaM bA bhA gO rok  
  lv cham ba bha go rok  
  tiredness PRT say tiredness-K  
'For tiredness, lv is said.'

  14r-1  lEw cM ba kU r; A; lokq /
  liuw chaM bA kU ra ?a lok  
  lv cham ba ku ra a lok  
        kukurar al-ok  
  spur of a fowl PRT say the spur of a fowl-K  
'For the spur of a fowl, lv is said.'

  14r-2  lEw cM ba AU pow sI borq /
  liuw chaM bA ?U pow sI bor  
  lv cham ba u pau si bor  
  brimful, to be PRT say to be brimful-R  
'For being brimful, lv is said.'

  14r-3  el cM ba es] el] kI borq /
  le chaM bA sE lE kI bor  
  le cham ba se le ki bor  
  lick, to PRT say to lick-R  
'For licking, le is said.'

  14r-4  el] cM ba et] lorq hU pkq /
  lE chaM bA tE lor hU p(a)k  
  le cham ba te lor hu pak  
        tel-or tarir hupa-k  
  cork of an oil-pot PRT say the cork of an oil-pot-K  
'For the cork of an oil-pot, le is said.'

  14r-5  el cM ba K; tw borq /
  le chaM bA ga t(a)w bor  
  le cham ba ga taw bor  
        ga tuk-ibo-r  
  wipe the body, to PRT say to wipe the body-R  
'For wiping the body, le is said.'

  14r-6  lj cM ba el] tI A; borq /
  lai chaM bA lE tI ?a bor  
  lai cham ba le ti a bor  
  mingle, to PRT say to mingle-R  
'For mingling, lai is said.'

  14r-7  lj cM ba eAa en] kokq /
  lai chaM bA ?O nE kok  
  lai cham ba o ne kok  
  many PRT say many-K  
'For many, lai is said.'

  14r-8  lj cM ba k; kow tokq /
  lai chaM bA ka kow tok  
  lai cham ba ka kow tok  
  paper PRT say paper-K  
'For paper, lai is said.'

  14r-9  lj cM ba fU lM mokq /
  lai chaM bA phU laM ?ok  
  lai cham ba phu lam ok  
  towel with floral print PRT say towel (gamosa) with floral print-K  
'For towel with floral print, lai is said.'

  14r-10  lj cM ba boj A; hI borq /
  lai chaM bA boi ?a hI bor  
  lai cham ba bi a h bor  
        boi ah-ibo-r  
  flow, to PRT say to flow-R  
'For flowing, lai is said.'

  14r-11  lj cM ba ex] dI ya borq /
  lai chaM bA khE dI jA bor  
  lai cham ba khe di ja bor  
        khed-i ja-bo-r  
  chase, to PRT say to chase-R  
'For chasing, lai is said.'

  14r-12  lj cM ba mU xorq hipq pokq /
  lai chaM bA mU khor hip ?ok  
  lai cham ba mu khor hip ok  
        mukh-or hep-ok  
  saliva PRT say saliva-K  
'For saliva, lai is said.'

  14r-13  lj cM ba du nj A; hI borq /
  lai chaM bA du nai ?a hI bor  
  lai cham ba du nai a hi bor  
        duwai ah-ibo-r  
  return, to PRT say to come again-R  
'For coming again, lai is said.'

  14r-14  lj cM ba eha eka ela kU /
  lai chaM bA hO kO lO kU  
  lai cham ba ho ko lo ku  
  all PRT say all-K  
'For all, lai is said.'

  14r-15  ela cM ba ba kI borq /
  lO chaM bA bA kI bor  
  lo cham ba ba ki bor  
  pour, to PRT say to pour-R  
'For pouring, lo is said.'

  14r-16  ela cM ba eha lkq /
  lO chaM bA hO l(a)k  
  lo cham ba ho lak  
  spike, iron PRT say an iron spike or pin-K  
'For an iron spike or pin, lo is said.'

  14r-17  ela cM ba xa kikq /
  lO chaM bA khA kik  
  lo cham ba kha kik  
  joint of two forked branches, bamboo basket PRT say the joint of the two-forked branches, bamboo basket-K  
'For the joint of the two-forked branches, bamboo basket, lo is said.'

  14r-18  ela cM ba murq tI da lI borq /
  lO chaM bA mur tI dA lI bor  
  lo cham ba mur ti da li bor  
        murti dal-ibo-r  
  cast an image, to PRT say to cast an image-R  
'For casting an image, lo is said.'

  14r-19  ela cM ba eDa rI A; /
  lO chaM bA dhO rI ?a  
  lo cham ba dho ri a  
  sharp only on one edge PRT say having sharpness only on one edge  
'For having sharpness only on one edge, lo is said.'

  14r-20  ela cM ba modq esa k; rU likq borq /
  lO chaM bA mod sE ka rU lik bor  
  lo cham ba mod se ka ru lik bor  
        mod seka sekoni-k  
  strainer for wine PRT say a wine strainer-K  
'For a wine strainer, lo is said.'

  14r-21  ela cM ba pa yIkq /
  lO chaM bA pA jIk  
  lo cham ba pa jik  
  spindle PRT say a spindle of cotton-K  
'For a spindle of cotton, lo is said.'

  14v-1  ela cM ba mI mI A; borq /
  lO chaM bA mI mI ?a bor  
  lo cham ba mi mi a bor  
  pain accompanied by an uneasy feeling PRT say pain accompanied by an uneasy feeling-R  
'For pain accompanied by an uneasy feeling, lo is said.'

  14v-2  l] cM ba eka va eka borq /
  lv chaM bA kO thA kO bor  
  lav cham ba ko tha ko bor  
        kotha ko-bo-r  
  speak PRT say to speak-R  
'For speaking, lav is said.'

  14v-3  l] cM ba ema dokq /
  lv chaM bA mO dok  
  lav cham ba mo dok  
  alcohol PRT say alcohol-K  
'For alcohol, lav is said.'

  14v-4  l] cM ba Bu la borq /
  lv chaM bA bhu lA bor  
  lav cham ba bhu la bor  
  infatuated, to be PRT say to infatuate-R  
'For infatuating, lav is said.'

  14v-5  l] cM ba em] eK] lkq /
  lv chaM bA mE gE l(a)k  
  lav cham ba me ge lak  
  tree, a kind PRT say a kind of tree-K  
'For a kind of tree, lav is said.'

  14v-6  l] cM ba msq tU pa borq /
  lv chaM bA m(a)s tU pA bor  
  lav cham ba mas tu pa bor  
        mas tup-abo-r  
  fish with bait, to PRT say to fish with a baited hook-R  
'For fishing with a baited hook, lav is said.'

  14v-7  l] cM ba hU su[q m; rikq /
  lv chaM bA hU sung ma rik  
  lav cham ba hu sung ma rik  
        husung mari-k  
  stick used for poking dead body when cremating PRT say a stick used for poking dead body when cremating -K  
'For stick used for poking dead body when cremating, lav is said.'

  14v-8  l] cM ba kU kU r; eKa r; lokq /
  lv chaM bA kU kU ra gO ra lok  
  lav cham ba ku ku ra go ra lok  
        kukura-r goral-ok  
  enclosure for keeping fowl PRT say an enclosure for keeping fowls-K  
'For an enclosure for keeping fowls, lav is said.'

  14v-9  l] cM ba esa tU Aa borq /
  lv chaM bA sO tU aA bor  
  lav cham ba lo gu aa bor  
        so tua-bo-r  
  backbite, to PRT say to backbite-R  
'For backbiting, lav is said.'

  14v-10  l] cM ba nI sU k; borq /
  lv chaM bA nI sU ka bor  
  lav cham ba ni su ka bor  
  soothe, to PRT say to soothe-R  
'For soothing, lav is said.'

  14v-11  lM cM ba es] kI borq /
  laM chaM bA sE kI bor  
  lam cham ba se ki bor  
  strain, to PRT say to strain-R  
'For straining, lam is said.'

  14v-12  lM cM ba mU hI borq /
  laM chaM bA mU hI bor  
  lam cham ba mu hi bor  
  fascinate, to PRT say to fascinate-R  
'For fascinating, lam is said.'

  14v-13  lM cM ba dlq ela kU /
  laM chaM bA d(a)l ?ok ?U  
  lam cham ba dal oku  
  branch of a tree PRT say branch of a tree-K  
'For a branch of a tree, lam is said.'

  14v-14  lM cM ba sU [; dI x; borq /
  laM chaM bA sU nga dI kha bor  
  lam cham ba su nga di kha bor  
        sungat di kha-bo-r  
  cook in a bamboo vessel, to PRT say to cook in a bamboo vessel-R  
'For cooking in a bamboo vessel, lam is said.'

  14v-15  lM cM ba k; rI nI borq /
  laM chaM bA ka rI nI bor  
  lam cham ba ka ri ni bor  
        kar-i ni-bo-r  
  snatch, to PRT say to snatch-R  
'For snatching, lam is said.'

  14v-16  lM cM ba eboa Ka; borq /
  laM chaM bA boO gAa bor  
  lam cham ba boo gaa bor  
  creep, to; climb, to PRT say to creep/climb-R  
'For creeping/climbing, lam is said.'

  14v-17  ba cM ba bU lI bor /
  bA chaM bA bU lI bor  
  ba cham ba bu li bor  
  speak, to PRT say speak, to  
'For speaking, ba is said.'

  14v-18  ba cM ba eboa lI Akq /
  bA chaM bA boO lI ?ak  
  ba cham ba boo li ak  
  mad PRT say mad-K  
'For mad, ba is said.'

  14v-19  ba cM ba bI esa nikq /
  bA chaM bA bI sO nik  
  ba cham ba bi so nik  
  fan, hand PRT say a hand-fan-K  
'For a hand-fan, ba is said.'

  14v-20  ba cM ba trq era /
  bA chaM bA t(a)r o  
  ba cham ba tar o  
  measuring rod; string of a musical instrument PRT say a measuring rod/a string of a musical instrument-K  
'For a measuring rod/a string of a musical instrument, ba is said.'

  14v-21  ba cM ba bow la eha borq /
  bA chaM bA bow lA hO bor  
  ba cham ba bow la ho bor  
        bolia ho-bo-r  
  mad, to be PRT say to be mad (used for female)-R  
'For being mad (used for female), ba is said.

  15r-1  bI cM ba bI esa nikq /
  bI chaM bA bI sO nik  
  bi cham ba bi so nik  
  fan PRT say a hand-fan-K  
'For a hand-fan, bi is said.'

  15r-2  bI cM ba eka rikq /
  bI chaM bA kO rik  
  bi cham ba ko rik  
  cowry PRT say a cowry-K  
'For a cowry, bi is said.'

  15r-3  bI cM ba k; kojNq eka /
  bI chaM bA ka koiN kO  
  bi cham ba ka koiny ko  
  bamboo comb PRT say bamboo comb-K  
'For a bamboo comb, bi is said.'

  15r-4  bI cM ba eda r; borq /
  bI chaM bA dO ra bor  
  bi cham ba do ra bor  
  bargain, to PRT say to bargain-R  
'For bargaining, bi is said.'

  15r-5  bI cM ba sU lI em] borq /
  bI chaM bA sU lI mE bor  
  bi cham ba su li me bor  
        suli asur-ibo-r  
  comb, to PRT say to comb the hair-R  
'For combing the hair, bi is said.'

  15r-6  bU cM ba Bu tkq /
  bU chaM bA bhu t(a)k  
  bu cham ba bhu tak  
  blunt PRT say blunt-K  
'For blunt, bu is said.'

  15r-7  bU cM ba epa d[q fU lokq /
  bU chaM bA pO d(a)ng phU lok  
  bu cham ba po dang phu lok  
        podum phul-ok  
  lotus PRT say a lotus-K  
'For a lotus, bu is said.'

  15r-8  bU cM ba fU lorq sU epa hikq /
  bU chaM bA phU lor sU pO hik  
  bu cham ba phu lor su po hik  
        phul-or supohi-k  
  bud PRT say the bud-K  
'For the bud, bu is said.'

  15r-9  bU cM ba fonq dokq kU /
  bU chaM bA phon dok U  
  bu cham ba phon dok u  
    PRT say horse tail-K  

  15r-10  bU cM ba nU durq pU durq K; rikq /
  bU chaM bA nU dur pU dur ga rik  
  bu cham ba nu dur pu dur ga rik  
        ludur pudur gahori-k  
  pig, fat PRT say a fat pig-K  
'For a fat pig, bu is said.'

  15r-11  bU cM ba yI eAa rirq esa ttq kojNq eha rU tikq /
  bU chaM bA jI O rir sO t(a)t koiN hO rU tik  
  bu cham ba ji o rir so tat koiny ho ru tik  
        atait-koi horu jiori-k  
  youngest daughter PRT say youngest daughter  

  15r-12  b] cM ba bI kU vI borq /
  bV chaM bA bI kU thI bor  
  bav cham ba bi ku thi bor  
    PRT say to pinch-R  

  15r-13  eb] cM ba ninq da borq /
  bE chaM bA nin dA bor  
  be cham ba nin da bor  
        ninda kor-ibo-r  
  reproach, to PRT say to reproach-R  
'For reproaching, be is said.'

  15r-14  eb] cM ba Bu kI borq /
  bE chaM bA bhu kI bor  
  be cham ba bhu ki bor  
  bark, to PRT say to bark-R  
'For barking, be is said.'

  15r-15  bj cM ba k; tI eha borq /
  bai chaM bA ka tI hO bor  
  bai cham ba ka ti ho bor  
        kati ho-bo-r  
  aslant, to be PRT say to be aslant-R  
'For being aslant, bai is said.'

  15r-16  bj cM ba eb] tokq /
  bai chaM bA bE tok  
  bai cham ba be tok  
  cane PRT say cane-K  
'For cane, bai is said.'

  15r-17  bj cM ba evoa borq /
  bai chaM bA thoO bor  
  bai cham ba thoo bor  
  put, to PRT say to put-R  
'For putting, bai is said.'

  15r-18  eboa cM ba ema ho[q [okq /
  boO chaM bA mO hong ok  
  bo cham ba mo hong ok  
  salt-mine PRT say a salt-mine-K  
'For a salt-mine, bo is said.'

  15r-19  eboa cM ba xa eta lI dU lkq /
  boO chaM bA khA tO lI dU l(a)k  
  bo cham ba kha to li du lak  
  dooly; palanquin PRT say a dooly/palanquin-K  
'For a dooly/palanquin, bo is said.'

  15r-20  bo] cM ba ed] kkq /
  boV chaM bA dE k(a)k  
  bau cham ba de kak  
  youth, unmarried man PRT say young unmarried man-K  
'For a young unmarried man, bau is said.'

  15v-1  bo] cM ba ela gokq /
  boV chaM bA lO gok  
  bau cham ba lo gok  
  company PRT say company-K  
'For company, bau is said.'

  15v-2  bo] cM ba torq dI vI eAa N[q eva kkq /
  boV chaM bA tor dI thI O N(a)ng thO k(a)k  
  bau cham ba tor di thi o nang tho kak  
        tor di thio hoi thoka-k  
    PRT say stand for a long time  

  15v-3  bM cM ba eda k; eda ema kkq /
  baM chaM bA dO ka dO mO k(a)k  
  bam cham ba do ka do mo kak  
  uneven PRT say uneven-K  
'For unevev, bam is said.'

  15v-4  ha cM ba pa sU tkq /
  hA chaM bA pA sU t(a)k  
  ha cham ba pa su tak  
  five PRT say five-K  
'For five, ha is said.'

  15v-5  ha cM ba Ba pokq /
  hA chaM bA bhA pok  
  ha cham ba bha pok  
  vapour PRT say vapour-k  
'For vapour, ha is said.'

  15v-6  hI cM ba Aopq ep] k; tI eha borq /
  hI chaM bA ?op ?e ka tI hO bor  
  hi cham ba op e ka ti ho bor  
        olop kati ho-bo-r  
  aslant, a little, to be PRT say to be a little aslant-R  
'For being a little aslant, hi is said.'

  15v-7  hI cM ba AU posq xkq /
  hI chaM bA ?U pos kh(a)k  
  hi cham ba u pos khak  
        upos kha-k  
  brimful PRT say brimful-K  
'For brimful, hi is said.'

  15v-8  hU cM ba eKa rukq /
  hU chaM bA gO ruk  
  hu cham ba go ruk  
  cow PRT say cow-K  
'For cow, hu is said.'

  15v-9  hU cM ba hI Aa rI borq /
  hU chaM bA hI ?A rI bor  
  hu cham ba hi aa ri bor  
  hairs raised due to fear, to have PRT say to have the hairs raised due to fear-R  
'For having the hairs raised due to fear, hu is said.'

  15v-10  hU cM ba eh] fU la m; rI borq /
  hU chaM bA hE phU lA ma rI bor  
  hu cham ba he phu la ma ri bor  
        haphula mar-ibo-r  
  throw the body forward with arms extended, to, as in swimming PRT say to throw the body forward with arms extended, as in swimming-R  
'For throwing the body forward with arms extended, as in swimming, hu is said.'

  15v-11  eh] cM ba es] [kq /
  hE chaM bA sE ng(a)k  
  he cham ba se ngak  
  untamed PRT say not tame, said of an animal-K  
'For untamed, he is said.'

  15v-12  hj cM ba ya rikq /
  hai chaM bA jA rik  
  hai cham ba ja rik  
  water-pot with spout PRT say a water pot with a spout-K  
'For a water pot with a spout, hai is said.'

  15v-13  hj cM ba k; nj nI borq /
  hai chaM bA ka nai nI bor  
  hai cham ba ka nai ni bor  
        kanai di-bo-r  
    PRT say child's game  

  15v-14  hj cM ba ex] tikq /
  hai chaM bA khE tik  
  hai cham ba khe tik  
  cultivation PRT say cultivation-K  
'For cultivation, hai is said.'

  15v-15  hj cM ba sitq eha borq /
  hai chaM bA sit hO bor  
  hai cham ba sit ho bor  
        sit hoi por-ibo-r  
  fall down with face upward, to PRT say to fall down with face upward-R  
'For falling down with face upward, hai is said.'

  15v-16  hj cM ba yU na kokq /
  hai chaM bA jU nA kok  
  hai cham ba ju na kok  
  moonlight PRT say moonlight-K  
'For moonlight, hai is said.'

  15v-17  hj cM ba eha lo[q [okq /
  hai chaM bA hO long ok  
  hai cham ba ho long ok  
  heavenly abode PRT say heavenly abode-K  
'For a heavenly abode, hai is said.'

  15v-18  eha cM ba ex] dI borq /
  hO chaM bA khE dI bor  
  ho cham ba khe di bor  
  chase, to PRT say to chase-R  
'For chasing, ho is said.'

  15v-19  eha cM ba ema k; eGa rokq /
  hO chaM bA mO ka ghO rok  
  ho cham ba mo ka gho rok  
        moka ghor-ok  
    PRT say temple-K  
'For a temple, ho is said.'

  15v-20  h] cM ba k; mI Aa borq /
  hV chaM bA ka mI ?A bor  
  hav cham ba ka mi aa bor  
        kormi ho-bo-r  
  capable for work, to be PRT say to be capable for work-R  
'For being capable for work, hav is said.'

  15v-22  h] cM ba hU knq Dnq nok /
  hV chaM bA hU k(a)n dh(a)n nok  
  hav cham ba hu kan dhan ok  
        hukan dhan-ok  
  dried paddy PRT say dried paddy-K  
For, dried paddy, hav is said.'

  15v-21  h] cM ba tI kkq /
  hV chaM bA tI k(a)k  
  hav cham ba ti kak  
  elevated land PRT say an elevated piece of land-K  
'For an elevated piece of land, hav is said.'

  16r-1  h] cM ba kU kurq BU kI borq /
  hV chaM bA kU kur bhU kI bor  
  hav cham ba ku kur bhu ki bor  
        kukure bhuk-ibo-r  
  bark, to, of dogs PRT say dog, to bark-R  
'For the barking of a dog, hav is said.'

  16r-2  h] cM ba dI borq /
  hV chaM bA dI bor  
  hav cham ba di bor  
  give, to PRT say to give-R  
'For giving, hav is said.'

  16r-3  h] cM ba bunq da rU Kokq bU el] /
  hV chaM bA bun dA rU gok bU lE  
  hav cham ba bun da ru gok bu le  
        bunda rug-ok  
  swelling of the mouth PRT say swelling of the mouth-K means  
'For swelling of the mouth, hav is said.'

  16r-4  hM cM ba hM ema era nikq /
  haM chaM bA haM mO rO nik  
  ham cham ba ham mo ro nik  
  conclusion PRT say conclusion-K  
'For conclusion, ham is said.'

  16r-5  hM cM ba mnq epa rkq /
  haM chaM bA ml(a)n pO r(a)k  
  ham cham ba mlan po rak  
        molan por-ak  
  lose colour and become dirty, to PRT say to lose colour and become dirty-K  
'For losing colour and becoming dirty, ham is said.'

  16r-6  hM cM ba b; DI borq /
  haM chaM bA ba dhI bor  
  ham cham ba ba dhi bor  
  tie, to PRT say to tie-R  
'For tying, ham is said.'

  16r-7  A; cM ba em] lI borq /
  ?a chaM bA mE lI bor  
  a cham ba me li bor  
  open, to PRT say to open-R  
'For opening, a is said.'

  16r-8  A; cM ba eA pa eAa kokq /
  ?a chaM bA ?e pA ?O kok  
  a cham ba e pa o kok  
  aunt, elder sister of one's father PRT say elder sister of one's father-K  
'For elder sister of one's father, a is said.'

  16r-9  AI cM ba eha rU tikq /
  ?I chaM bA hO rU tik  
  i cham ba ho ru tik  
  youngest PRT say youngest-K  
'For the youngest, i is said.'

  16r-10  AI cM ba eA] kokq /
  ?I chaM bA ?E kok  
  i cham ba e kok  
  one PRT say one-K  
'For one, i is said.'

  16r-11  AU cM ba va kI borq /
  ?U chaM bA thA kI bor  
  u cham ba tha ki bor  
  remain, to PRT say to remain-R  
'For remaining, u is said.'

  16r-12  AU cM ba Dnq AU xU A; borq /
  ?U chaM bA dh(a)n ?U khU ?a bor  
  u cham ba dhan u khu a bor  
        dhan ukhua-bo-r  
  boil paddy, to PRT say to boil paddy-R  
'For boiling paddy, u is said.'

  16r-13  eA] cM ba KItq Ka borq /
  ?E chaM bA gIt gA bor  
  e cham ba git ga bor  
        git ga-bo-r  
  sing, to PRT say to sing-R  
'For singing, e is said.'

  16r-14  eA] cM ba Ba xa yu rI va kI borq /
  ?E chaM bA bhA khA ju rI thA kI bor  
  e cham ba bha kha ju ri tha ki bor  
        bhau jur-i thak-ibo-r  
  feign, to PRT say to feign-R  
'For feigning, e is said.'

  16r-15  Aj cM ba bor pu et] kokq /
  ?ai chaM bA bor pu tE kok  
  ai cham ba bor pu te kok  
        bor putek-ok  
  son, eldest PRT say the eldest son-K  
'For the eldest son, ai is said.'

  16r-16  Aj cM ba la yokq /
  ?ai chaM bA lA jok  
  ai cham ba la jok  
  shyness PRT say shyness-K  
'For shyness, ai is said.'

  16r-17  Aj cM ba Ba pokq /
  ?ai chaM bA bhA pok  
  ai cham ba bha pok  
  vapour PRT say vapour-K  
'For vapour, ai is said.'

  16r-18  Aj cM ba Au K; rI borq /
  ?ai chaM bA u ga rI bor  
  ai cham ba u ga ri bor  
  belch, to PRT say to belch-R  
'For belching, ai is said.'

  16r-19  eAa cM ba enoa lokq /
  ?O chaM bA noO lok  
  o cham ba noo lok  
  tree, a kind PRT say a kind of tree-K  
'For a kind of tree like bamboo, o is said.'

  16r-20  A] cM ba ela borq /
  ?V chaM bA lO bor  
  av cham ba lo bor  
  take, to PRT say to take-R  
'For taking, av is said.'

  16r-21  A] cM ba eda dj eA] kokq /
  ?V chaM bA dO dai ?E kok  
  av cham ba do dai e kok  
  uncle, father's younger brother PRT say father's younger brother-K  
'For father's younger brother, av is said.'

  16r-22  A] cM ba hunq rupq lu epa K; borq /
  ?V chaM bA hun rup lu pO ga bor  
  av cham ba hun rup lu po ga bor  
        hun, rup, lo poga-bo-r  
  liquefy, to, as gold, silver or iron PRT say to liquefy gold, silver and iron-R  
'For liquefying gold, silver and iron, av is said.'

  16r-23  AM cM ba mU hI borq /
  ?aM chaM bA mU hI bor  
  am cham ba mu hi bor  
  charm, to PRT say to charm-R  
'For charming, am is said.'

  16r-24  AM cM ba du tI kojNq eha rU tikq /
  ?aM chaM bA du tI koiN hO rU tik  
  am cham ba du ti koiny ho ru tik  
        dutit koi horu-ti-k  
  child, third PRT say the third child-K  
'For the third child, am is said.'

  16r-25  kkq cM ba t; rukq /
  k(a)k chaM bA ta ruk  
  kak cham ba ta ruk  
  stick, stirring PRT say a stick for stirring while cooking-K  
'For a stick for stirring while cooking, kak is said.'

  16v-1  kkq cM ba GU rrq hI kow lIkq /
  k(a)k chaM bA ghU r(a)r hI kow lIk  
  kak cham ba ghu rar hi kow lik  
        ghurar hikoli-k  
  stirrup PRT say stirrup-K  
'For stirrup, kak is said.'

  16v-2  kkq cM ba mU K; k; tI borq /
  k(a)k chaM bA mU ga ka tI bor  
  kak cham ba mu ga ka ti bor  
        muga kat-ibo-r  
  spin a muga cocoon, to PRT say to spin a muga cocoon-R  
'For spinning a muga cocoon, kak is said.'

  16v-3  kikq cM ba b; rI lENq ex] dI ya borq /
  kik chaM bA ba rI luN khE dI jA bor  
  kik cham ba ba ri luny khe di ja bor  
        bari-loi khed-i ja-bo-r  
  chase with a stick, to PRT say to chase with a stick-R  
'For chasing with a stick, kik is said.'

  16v-4  kikq cM ba en] ek] r; K; eha rikq /
  kik chaM bA nE kE ra ga hO rik  
  kik cham ba ne ke ra ga ho rik  
        nekera gahori-k  
  pig, young PRT say a young pig-K  
'For a young pig, kik is said.'

  16v-5  kukq cM ba eha la eha nokq /
  kuk chaM bA hO la hO nok  
  kuk cham ba ho la ho nok  
    PRT say instrument belonging to spinning wheel  

  16v-6  kukq cM ba GU rrq dI [Irq sU likq /
  kuk chaM bA ghU r(a)r dI ngIr sU lik  
  kuk cham ba ghu rar di ngir su lik  
        ghura-r dingi-r suli-k  
  mane of a horse PRT say the mane of a horse-K  
'For the mane of a horse, kuk is said.'

  16v-7  kukq cM ba kU ra ef]rq epa tkq /
  kuk chaM bA kU rA phEr pO t(a)k  
  kuk cham ba ku ra pher po tak  
        kukura-i pher pota-k  
  cocks ready for a fight PRT say cocks being ready for a fight-K  
'For cocks being ready for a fight, kuk is said.'

  16v-8  kokq cM ba ek] kU rkq /
  kok chaM bA kE kU r(a)k  
  kok cham ba ke ku rak  
  curved PRT say curved-K  
'For curved, kok is said.'

  16v-9  kokq cM ba hI [kq /
  kok chaM bA hI ng(a)k  
  kok cham ba hi ngak  
  horn PRT say a horn-K  
'For a horn, kok is said.'

  16v-10  kokq cM ba yuNq KU yI ela K; borq /
  kok chaM bA juN gU jI lO ga bor  
  kok cham ba juny gu ji lo ga bor  
        jui log-abo-r  
  set fire to, to PRT say to set fire to-R  
'For setting fire to, kok is said.'

  16v-11  kokq cM ba kow low hokq /
  kok chaM bA kow low hok  
  kok cham ba kow low hok  
  waterpot PRT say a water pot-K  
'For a water pot, kok is said.'

  16v-12  kEkq cM ba eh] ek] tI Aj knq dI borq /
  kiuk chaM bA hE kE tI ?ai k(a)n dI bor  
  kvk cham ba he ke ti ai kan di bor  
        hikotiai kand-ibo-r  
  sob, to PRT say to sob-R  
'For sobbing, kvk is said.'

  16v-13  kEkq cM ba xorq kojNq eA] t; borq /
  kiuk chaM bA khor koiN ?E ta bor  
  kvk cham ba khor koiny e ta bor  
        khor koi eta-bo-r  
  finish quickly, to PRT say to finish quickly-R  
'For finishing quickly, kvk is said.'

  16v-14  xkq cM ba eka lI A; ena eka rI borq /
  kh(a)k chaM bA kO lI ?a nO kO rI bor  
  khak cham ba ko li a no ko ri bor  
        kola nokori-bo-r  
  not to clour black PRT say not to dye black  
'For not dying black, khak is said.'

  16v-15  xkq cM ba eka rorq pa yikq /
  kh(a)k chaM bA kO ror pA jik  
  khak cham ba ko ror pa jik  
        koror paji-k  
  palm lines PRT say the lines of the palm-K  
'For the lines of the palm, khak is said.'

  16v-16  xkq cM ba eta k; lI pa borq /
  kh(a)k chaM bA tO ka lI pA bor  
  khak cham ba to ka li pa bor  
        tokali mar-ibo-r  
  click with the tongue, to PRT say to click with the tongue-R  
'For clicking with the tongue, khak is said.'

  16v-17  xkq cM ba golq ex] k; rI borq /
  kh(a)k chaM bA gol khE ka rI bor  
  khak cham ba gol khe ka ri bor  
        gol khekar-ibo-r  
  clear the throat, to PRT say to make sound by clearing the throat-R  
'For making sound by clearing the throat, khak is said.'

  16v-18  xikq cM ba A; ela hikq /
  khik chaM bA ?a lO hik  
  khik cham ba a lo hk  
  guest PRT say guest-K  
'For guest, khik is said.'

  16v-19  xikq cM ba pU ykq /
  khik chaM bA pU j(a)k  
  khik cham ba pu jak  
  worship PRT say worship-K  
'For worship, khik is said.'

  17r-1  xikq cM ba ya yikq /
  khik chaM bA jA jik  
  khik cham ba ja jik  
  nest PRT say nest-K  
'For nest, khik is said.'

  17r-2  xukq cM ba ema likq /
  khuk chaM bA mO lik  
  khuk cham ba mo lik  
  dirt PRT say dirt-K  
'For dirt, khuk is said.'

  17r-3  xukq cM ba la lU kU rI mI[q [okq /
  khuk chaM bA lA lU kU rI mIng ?ok  
  khuk cham ba la lu ku ri ming ok  
  tadpole PRT say a tadpole-K  
'For a tadpole, khuk is said.'

  17r-4  xokq cM ba eKa ra lokq /
  khok chaM bA gO rA lok  
  khok cham ba go ra lok  
  cage PRT say a cage-K  
'For a cage, khok is said.'

  17r-5  xokq cM ba mU K;rq ba hokq /
  khok chaM bA mU gar bA hok  
  khok cham ba mu gar ba hok  
        muga-r bah-ok  
  chrysalis of a muga cocoon PRT say chrysalis of a muga cocoon-K  
'For the chrysalis of a muga cocoon, khok is said.'

  17r-6  xEkq cM ba ya kojNq /
  khiuk chaM bA jA koiN  
  khvk cham ba ja koi  
  scoop, bamboo scoop used for catching fish PRT say the bamboo scoop used for catching fish  
'For the bamboo scoop used for catching fish, khvk is said.'

  17r-7  [kq cM ba bI eda r; borq /
  ng(a)k chaM bA bI dO ra bor  
  ngak cham ba bi do ra bor  
  rend asunder, to PRT say to rend asunder-R  
'For rending asunder, ngak is said.'

  17r-8  [kq cM ba epa k; la KI borq /
  ng(a)k chaM bA pO ka lA gI bor  
  ngak cham ba po ka la gi bor  
        pak lag-ibo-r  
  disordered, to be PRT say to be in disorder-R  
'For being in disorder, ngak is said.'

  17r-9  [kq cM ba fa era lI k; tI borq /
  ng(a)k chaM bA phA rO lI ka tI bor  
  ngak cham ba pha ro li ka ti bor  
        phalori katibo-r  
  go aside, to PRT say to go aside-R  
'For going aside, ngak is said.'

  17r-10  [okq cM ba eKa yI borq /
  ngok chaM bA gO jI bor  
  ngok cham ba go ji bor  
  thrust into, to PRT say to thrust into-R  
'For thrusting into, ngok is said.'

  17r-11  [okq cM ba dI [I em] lI borq /
  ngok chaM bA dI ngI mE lI bor  
  ngok cham ba di ngi me li bor  
        dingi mel-i sa-bo-r  
  crane the head, to PRT say to look with the head raised-R  
'For looking with the head raised, ngok is said.'

  17r-12  [iukq cM ba p; nI na Kokq /
  ngiuk chaM bA pa nI nA gok  
  ngvk cham ba pa ni na gok  
        pani nag-ok  
  Naga, a huge legendary snake living in water PRT say Naga, a huge legendary snake living in water-K  
'For Naga, a huge legendary snake living in water, ngvk is said.'

  17r-13  nkq cM ba eKa DU rokq /
  n(a)k chaM bA gO dhU rok  
  nak cham ba go dhu rok  
  heavy PRT say heavy-K  
'For heavy, nak is said.'

  17r-14  nkq cM ba AU eda /
  n(a)k chaM bA ?U dO  
  nak cham ba u do  
  otter PRT say an otter  
'For an otter, nak is said.'

  17r-15  nkq cM ba Borq GU ema tikq /
  n(a)k chaM bA bhor ghU mO tik  
  nak cham ba bhor ghu mo tik  
        bhor ghumoti-k  
  full nap PRT say a full nap-K  
'For a full nap, nak is said.'

  17r-16  nkq cM ba pa nItq pow rI tolq gojNq ema rkq /
  n(a)k chaM bA pA nIt pow rI tol goiN mO r(a)k  
  nak cham ba pa nit pow ri tol goiny mo rak  
        pani-t por-i dub-i mora-k  
  drown, die by drowning, to PRT say to die by drowning-K  
'For dying by drowning, nak is said.'

  17r-17  nkq cM ba dux x; borq /
  n(a)k chaM bA dukh kha bor  
  nak cham ba dukh kha bor  
        dukh lag-ibo-r  
  aggrieved, to be PRT say to feel aggrieved-R  
'For feeling aggrieved, nak is said.'

  17r-18  nukq cM ba esa rj Aikq /
  nuk chaM bA sO rai ik  
  nuk cham ba so rai ik  
  bird PRT say bird-K  
'For bird, nuk is said.'

  17r-19  nukq cM ba knq eka lkq /
  nuk chaM bA k(a)n kO l(a)k  
  nuk cham ba kan ko lak  
        kan kola-k  
  deaf PRT say deaf-K  
'For a deaf, nuk is said.'

  17r-20  nokq cM ba ba Jikq /
  nok chaM bA bA jhik  
  nok cham ba ba jik  
    PRT say infertile-K  
'For infertile, nok is said.'

  17v-1  nokq cM ba pow sI borq /
  nok chaM bA pow sI bor  
  nok cham ba pow si bor  
  rot, to PRT say to rot-R  
'For rot, nok is said.'

  17v-2  niukq cM ba el] ek] sI Aa borq /
  niuk chaM bA lE kE sI ?A bor  
  nvk cham ba le ke si aa bor  
  limp, to PRT say to limp-R  
'For limping, nvk is said.'

  17v-3  ckq cM ba sI nI borq /
  ch(a)k chaM bA sI nI bor  
  chak cham ba si ni bor  
  recognize, to PRT say to recognize-R  
'For recognizing, chak is said.'

  17v-4  ckq cM ba sI eka na borq /
  ch(a)k chaM bA sI kO nA bor  
  chak cham ba si ko na bor  
  peel, to PRT say to peel-R  
'For peeling, chak is said.'

  17v-5  ckq cM ba eta [kq tU la borq /
  ch(a)k chaM bA tO ng(a)k tU lA bor  
  chak cham ba to ngak tu la bor  
        tomal tola-bo-r  
  make strings from bamboo, to PRT say to make strings from bamboo-R  
'For making strings from bamboo, chak is said.'

  17v-6  ckq cM ba AI; lIrq kuxq eka tkq /
  ch(a)k chaM bA Ia lIr kukh kO t(a)k  
  chak cham ba ia lir kukh ko tak  
        alir kakh kota-k  
  trimmed edges of an embankment PRT say the trimmed edges of an embankment-K  
'For the trimmed edges of an embankment, chak is said.'

  17v-7  cikq cM ba tI eka nikq /
  chik chaM bA tI kO nik  
  chik cham ba ti ko nik  
  pigtail PRT say a pigtail-K  
'For a pigtail, chik is said.'

  17v-8  cikq cM ba ya pirq dj tI /
  chik chaM bA jA pir dai tI  
  chik cham ba ja pir dai ti  
        japi-r dohi  
  ornament attached to the top of a wicker hat PRT say the ornament attached to the top of a japi or a wicker hat-R  
'For the ornament attached to the top of a japi or a wicker hat, chik is said.'

  17v-9  cukq cM ba kU kurq ef] t; borq /
  chuk chaM bA ku kur phE ta bor  
  chuk cham ba ku kur phe ta bor  
        kukur phet-abo-r  
  set on a dog, to PRT say to set on a dog-R  
'For setting on a dog, chuk is said.'

  17v-10  cukq cM ba hU Arq tI eka nikq /
  chuk chaM bA hU ?(a)r tI kO nik  
  chuk cham ba hu ar ti ko nik  
        kohuar aag-ok  
  grass, top of a kind of grass (saccharum spontaneum) PRT say the top of a kind of grass (saccharum spontaneum)-K  
'For the top of a kind of grass (saccharum spontaneum), chuk is said.'

  17v-11  cokq cM ba GU kI borq /
  chok chaM bA ghU kI bor  
  chok cham ba ghu ki bor  
        ghuka mar-ibo-r  
  scoop something out of a large quantity, to PRT say to scoop something out of a large quantity-R  
'For scooping something out of a large quantity, chok is said.'

  17v-12  cokq cM ba sU kokq /
  chok chaM bA sU kok  
  chok cham ba su kok  
  corner PRT say corner-K  
'For corner, chok is said.'

  17v-13  cokq cM ba ey ecoa kokq /
  chok chaM bA ye chwO kok  
  chok cham ba ye cho kok  
    PRT say circle of the head-K  

  17v-14  ciukq cM ba epa Gkq /
  chiuk chaM bA pO gh(a)k  
  chvk cham ba po ghak  
  rope for tying cattle PRT say a rope for tying cattle-K  
'For a rope for tying cattle, chvk is said.'

  17v-15  ciukq cM ba AU sorq sa pI borq /
  chiuk chaM bA ?U sor sA pI bor  
  chvk cham ba u sor sa pi bor  
        usor sap-ibo-r  
  come close, to PRT say to come close-R  
'For coming close, chvk is said.'

  17v-16  tkq cM ba sitq eha borq /
  t(a)k chaM bA sit hO bor  
  tak cham ba sit ho bor  
        hit ho-bo-r  
  benefited, to be PRT say to be benefited-R  
'For being benefited, tak is said.'

  17v-17  tkq cM ba /  
t(a)k chaM bA     tak
cham ba        
        PRT say
  'For tak is said.'

  17v-18  tkq cM ba hU k; borq /
  t(a)k chaM bA hU ka bor  
  tak cham ba hu ka bor  
  thin, to be PRT say to become thin-R  
'For thinning, tak is said.'

  18r-1  tkq cM ba tw k; lI pa borq /
  t(a)k chaM bA t(a)w ka lI pA bor  
  tak cham ba taw ka li pa bor  
        tokali par-ibo-r  
  click with the tongue against the palate, to PRT say to click with the tongue against the palate-R  
'For clicking with the tongue against the palate, tak is said.'

  18r-2  tkq cM ba ey] lU kokq /
  t(a)k chaM bA jE lU kok  
  tak cham ba je lu kok  
  snail PRT say a snail-K  
'For a snail, tak is said.'

  18r-3  tkq cM ba eba esa nokq /
  t(a)k chaM bA bO sO nok  
  tak cham ba bo so nok  
  word PRT say a word-K  
'For a word tak is said.'

  18r-4  tikq cM ba fU tI borq /
  tik chaM bA phU tI bor  
  tik cham ba phu ti bor  
  burst, to PRT say to burst-R  
'For bursting, tik is said.'

  18r-5  tikq cM ba BUNq yU xI borq /
  tik chaM bA bhUN jU khI bor  
  tik cham ba bhui ju khi bor  
        bhui ru-bo-r  
  plant paddy seedlings, to PRT say to plant paddy seedlings-R  
'For planting paddy seedlings, tik is said.'

  18r-6  tikq cM ba et] lI borq /
  tik chaM bA tE lI bor  
  tik cham ba te li bor  
  push, to PRT say to push-R  
'For pushing, tik is said.'

  18r-7  tukq cM ba epa rI borq /
  tuk chaM bA pO rI bor  
  tuk cham ba po ri bor  
  fall, to PRT say to fall-R  
'For falling, tuk is said.'

  18r-8  tukq cM ba eKa rU mokq eya gI borq /
  tuk chaM bA gO rU mok jO gI bor  
  tuk cham ba go ru mok jo gi bor  
        goru moh jog-ibo-r  
  give birth, to, of cattle PRT say to give birth to cattle-R  
'For give birth to cattle, tuk is said.'

  18r-9  tukq cM ba Ba eka rokq /
  tuk chaM bA bhA kO rok  
  tuk cham ba bha ko rok  
  fatigue PRT say fatigue-K  
'For fatigue, tuk is said.'

  18r-10  tokq cM ba xuw dI A; borq /
  tok chaM bA khuw dI ?a bor  
  tok cham ba khuw di a bor  
  hit, to PRT say to hit-r  
'For hitting, tok is said.'

  18r-11  tokq cM ba tulq esa nikq /
  tok chaM bA tul sO nik  
  tok cham ba tul so nik  
  balance PRT say a balance-K  
'For a balance, tok is said.'

  18r-12  tokq cM ba eta [; lokq /
  tok chaM bA tO nga lok  
  tok cham ba to nga lok  
  strip of bamboo PRT say a strip of bamboo-K  
'For a strip of bamboo, tok is said.'

  18r-13  tokq cM ba t; rI bow borq /
  tok chaM bA ta rI bow bor  
  tok cham ba ta ri bow bor  
        tari bo-bo-r  
  weave, to PRT say to weave-R  
'For weaving, tok is said.'

  18r-14  tEkq cM ba eh] sukq /
  tiuk chaM bA hE suk  
  tvk cham ba he suk  
  push PRT say push  
'For push, tvk is said.'

  18r-15  tEkq cM ba AU tow nokq /
  tiuk chaM bA ?U tow nok  
  tvk cham ba u tow nok  
  disobedient PRT say disobedient-K  
'For disobedient, tvk is said.'

  18r-16  tEkq cM ba BuNq e...rokq eha rI borq /
  tiuk chaM bA bhuN E... rok hO rI bor  
  tvk cham ba bhuny e... rok ho ri bor  
    PRT say    

  18r-17  tEkq cM ba honq tU hokq /
  tiuk chaM bA hon tU hok  
  tvk cham ba hon tu hok  
  contentment PRT say contentment-K  
'For contentment, tvk is said.'

  18r-18  tEkq cM ba t; nI bor /
  tiuk chaM bA ta nI bor  
  tvk cham ba ta ni bor  
  pull, to PRT say to pull-R  
'For pulling, tvk is said.'

  18v-1  pkq cM ba mU xokq /
  p(a)k chaM bA mU khok  
  pak cham ba mu khok  
  mouth PRT say mouth-K  
'For mouth, pak is said.'

  18v-2  pkq cM ba kow morq rkq /
  p(a)k chaM bA kow mor r(a)k  
  pak cham ba kow mor rak  
  ash gourd PRT say an ash gourd-K  
'For an ash gourd, pak is said.'

  18v-3  pkq cM ba nI eAa mokq /
  p(a)k chaM bA nI ?O mok  
  pak cham ba ni o mok  
  rule PRT say rule-K  
'For rule, pak is said.'

  18v-4  pkq cM ba eA] efa lI e.. eka /
  p(a)k chaM bA ?E phO li e kO  
  pak cham ba e pho li e ko  
  one parted PRT say one parted things-K  
'For one parted things, pah is said.'

  18v-5  pkq cM ba xU t; pU tI borq /
  p(a)k chaM bA khU ta pU tI bor  
  pak cham ba khu ta pu ti bor  
        khuta put-ibo-r  
  raise a post, to PRT say to raise a post-R  
'For raising a post, pak is said.'

  18v-6  pkq cM ba eA] x; /
  p(a)k chaM bA ?E kha  
  pak cham ba e kha  
  hundred PRT say hundred  
'For hundred, pak is said.'

  18v-7  pikq cM ba kuw m] fa lokq /
  pik chaM bA kuw mV phA lok  
  pik cham ba kuw mav pha lok  
        kormo phol-ok  
  deed PRT say deeds (good/bad)-K  
'For deed, pik is said.'

  18v-8  pikq cM ba pa xikq /
  pik chaM bA pA khik  
  pik cham ba pa khik  
  wing PRT say wing-K  
'For wing, pik is said.'

  18v-9  pikq cM ba eA] voa sI hikq na /
  pik chaM bA ?E thoA sI hik nA  
  pik cham ba e thwa si hik na  
  free from glue, to be PRT say to be free from glue-K  
'For being free from glue, pik is said.'

  18v-10  pikq cM ba k; nokq /
  pik chaM bA ka nok  
  pik cham ba ka nok  
  ear PRT say ear-K  
'For ear, pik is said.'

  18v-11  pukq cM ba ku sokq /
  puk chaM bA ku sok  
  puk cham ba ku sok  
  bag, part of a wrapper in the shape of a bag PRT say part of a wrapper contracted into the shape of a bag to receive anything-K  
'For a part of a wrapper contracted into the shape of a bag to receive anything, puk is said.'

  18v-12  pukq cM ba sU la bnq vI borq /
  puk chaM bA sU lA b(a)n thI bor  
  puk cham ba su la ban thi bor  
        suli bandh-ibo-r  
  tie up the hair, to PRT say to tie up the hair-R  
'For tying up the hair, puk is said.'

  18v-13  pukq cM ba AuNq exa borq /
  puk chaM bA ?uN khO bor  
  puk cham ba ui kho bor  
        ui kha-bo-r  
    PRT say things like paper, cloth eaten by termite-R  

  18v-14  pukq cM ba pa nIrq ef]nq /
  puk chaM bA pA nIr phEn  
  puk cham ba pa nir phen  
        pani-r phen  
  foam PRT say foam-R  
'For foam, puk is said.'

  18v-15  pukq cM ba rU borq /
  puk chaM bA rU bor  
  puk cham ba ru bor  
  plant, to PRT say to plant-R  
'For planting, puk is said.'

  18v-16  pukq cM ba eba K; borq /
  puk chaM bA bO ga bor  
  puk cham ba bo ga bor  
  climb, to PRT say to climb-R  
'For climbing, puk is said.'

  18v-17  pokq cM ba AU ela tI borq /
  pok chaM bA ?U lO tI bor  
  pok cham ba u lo ti bor  
  return, to PRT say to return-R  
'For returning, pok is said.'

  18v-18  pokq cM ba em] rj pI Di borq /
  pok chaM bA mE rai pI dhi bor  
  pok cham ba me rai pi dhi bor  
        mer-ai pindh-ibo-r  
  wear a cloth by wrap around the body, to PRT say to wear a cloth by wrapping round the body-R  
'For wear a cloth by wrapping round the body, pok is said.'

  18v-19  pokq cM ba es] la borq /
  pok chaM bA sE lA bor  
  pok cham ba se la bor  
  flay, to PRT say to flay-R  
'For flaying, pok is said.'

  18v-20  piukq cM ba pU ya eka rI borq /
  piuk chaM bA pU jA kO rI bor  
  pvk cham ba pu ja ko ri bor  
        puja kor-ibo-r  
  worship, to PRT say to worship-R  
'For worshiping, pvk is said.'

  19r-1  pEkq cM ba bI rI [I borq /
  piuk chaM bA bI rI ngI bor  
  pvk cham ba bi ri ngi bor  
  ooze out slightly, to PRT say to ooze out slightly-R  
'For oozing out slightly, pvk is said.'

  19r-2  pEkq cM ba eha likq /
  piuk chaM bA hO lik  
  pvk cham ba ho lik  
  bamboo stick used as an instrument in weaving PRT say bamboo stick used as an instrument in weaving-K  
'For bamboo stick used as an instrument in weaving, pvk is said.'

  19r-3  mkq cM ba bI rikq /
  m(a)k chaM bA bI rik  
  mak cham ba bi rik  
  necklace PRT say an ornament worn round the neck-K  
'For an ornament worn round the neck, mak is said.'

  19r-4  mkq cM ba eKa sorq KU kI /
  m(a)k chaM bA gO sor gU kI  
  mak cham ba go sor gu ki  
        gos-or guti  
  seed PRT say a seed-K  
'For a seed, mak is said.'

  19r-5  mkq cM ba pU era nikq /
  m(a)k chaM bA pU rO nik  
  mak cham ba pu ro nik  
  old PRT say old-K  
'For old, mak is said.'

  19r-6  mkq cM ba pa KU lI borq /
  m(a)k chaM bA pA gU lI bor  
  mak cham ba pa gu li bor  
  chew the cud, to PRT say to chew the cud-R  
'For chewing the cud, mak is said.'

  19r-7  mkq cM ba gI rI how tokq /
  m(a)k chaM bA gI rI how tok  
  mak cham ba gi ri how tok  
  masters PRT say masters-K  
'For masters, mak is said.'

  19r-8  mukq cM ba et] yorq x; kow rukq /
  muk chaM bA tE jor kha kow ruk  
  muk cham ba te jor kha kow ruk  
        tej-or khekar-ok  
  spittle mixed with blood PRT say spittle mixed with blood-K  
'For spittle mixed with blood, muk is said.'

  19r-9  mukq cM ba sa Aulq DU A; ema likq /
  muk chaM bA sA ul dhU ?a mO lik  
  muk cham ba sa ul dhu a mo lik  
        saul-or moli-k  
  rice dust PRT say dirt of rice-K  
'For dirt of rice, muk is said.'

  19r-10  mukq cM ba tU pikq /
  muk chaM bA tU pik  
  muk cham ba tu pik  
  cap PRT say a cap-K  
'For a cap, muk is said.'

  19r-11  mukq cM ba kI nU nokq /
  muk chaM bA kI nU ok  
  muk cham ba ki nu ok  
    PRT say watery substance of nose-K  

  19r-12  mukq cM ba bI DU tI eha borq /
  muk chaM bA bI dhU tI hO bor  
  muk cham ba bi dhu ti ho bor  
        bidhuti ho-bo-r  
  monthly course, to have PRT say to have monthly course-R  
'For having monthly course, muk is said.'

  19r-13  mukq cM ba pU eva borq /
  muk chaM bA pU thO bor  
  muk cham ba pu tho bor  
        purot ho-bo-r  
  mature, to PRT say to mature-R  
'For maturing, muk is said.'

  19r-14  mokq cM ba em] Gokq /
  mok chaM bA mE ghok  
  mok cham ba me ghok  
  cloud PRT say cloud-K  
'For cloud, mok is said.'

  19r-15  mokq cM ba esa ylq epa rkq /
  mok chaM bA sO j(a)l pO r(a)k  
  mok cham ba so jal po rak  
        soku-t jal mora-k  
  dazzle on the eyes PRT say the dazzle on the eyes-K  
'For the dazzle on the eyes, mok is said.'

  19r-16  mEkq cM ba mU rU xokq /
  miuk chaM bA mU rU khok  
  mvk cham ba mu ru khok  
  foolish person PRT say a foolish person-K  
'For a foolish person, mvk is said.'

  19r-17  mEkq cM ba mEkq hokq /
  miuk chaM bA miuk hok  
  mvk cham ba mvk hok  
        mil hua-k  
  reconciliation PRT say reconciliation-K  
'For reconciliation, mvk is said.'

  19r-18  fkq cM ba k; /
  ph(a)k chaM bA ka  
  phak cham ba ka  
  ram down, to PRT say to ram down/ mince  
'For ramming down/ mincing, phak is said.'

  19r-19  fkq cM ba eB] tIkq /
  ph(a)k chaM bA bhE tIk  
  phak cham ba bhe tik  
  foundation PRT say foundation-k  
'For foundation, phak is said.'

  19r-20  fkq cM ba drq fkq kokq /
  ph(a)k chaM bA d(a)r ph(a)k ok  
  phak cham ba dar phak ok  
  scabbard PRT say a scabbard-K  
'For a scabbard, phak is said.'

  19v-1  fkq cM ba eA] rI borq /
  ph(a)k chaM bA ?E rI bor  
  phak cham ba e ri bor  
  leave off, to PRT say to leave off-R  
'For leaving off, phak is said.'

  19v-2  yokq cM ba yU yotq h; rI borq /
  jok chaM bA jU jot ha rI bor  
  jok cham ba ju jot ha ri bor  
        juj-ot har-ibo-r  
  defeated in battle, to be PRT say to be defeated in battle-R  
'For being defeated in battle, jok is said.'

  19v-3  yokq cM ba eda rU A; borq /
  jok chaM bA dO rU ?a bor  
  jok cham ba do ru a bor  
        bhoi khua-bo-r  
  frighten, to PRT say to make someone frightened-R  
'For making someone frightened, jok is said.'

  19v-4  Nkq cM ba A; ela hU Akq /
  N(a)k chaM bA ?a lO hU ?(a)k  
  nyak cham ba a lo hu ak  
  bamboo scrap used for fire PRT say bamboo scrap used for fire-K  
'For bamboo scrap used for fire, nyak is said.'

  19v-5  Nkq cM ba kurq kU tikq /
  N(a)k chaM bA kur kU tik  
  nyak cham ba kur ku tik  
  plea PRT say a plea-K  
'For a plea, nyak is said.'

  19v-6  Nkq cM ba k; tI kU tI fU rI borq /
  N(a)k chaM bA ka tI kU tI phU rI bor  
  nyak cham ba ka ti ku ti phu ri bor  
        kati kuti phur-ibo-r  
  cut this and that while walking, to PRT say to cut this and that while walking-R  
'For cutting this and that while walking, nyak is said.'

  19v-7  Nikq cM ba da [I borq /
  Nik chaM bA dA ngI bor  
  nyik cham ba da ngi bor  
  lift, to PRT say to lift-R  
'For lifting, nyik is said.'

  19v-8  Nukq cM ba tIkqQ k; borq /
  Nuk chaM bA tIk tIk ka bor  
  nyuk cham ba tik tik ka bor  
  cause a ticking sound, to PRT say to cause a ticking sound-R  
'For causing a ticking sound, nyuk is said.'

  19v-9  Nokq cM ba ev] eh] s; m; rI eva borq /
  Nok chaM bA thE hE sa ma rI thO bor  
  nyok cham ba the he sa ma ri tho bor  
        hesa mari tho-bo-r  
  pressure, to put pressure on PRT say to put pressure on-R  
'For putting pressure on, nyok is said.'

  19v-10  Nokq cM ba eka sa lI borq /
  Nok chaM bA kO sA lI bor  
  nyok cham ba ko sa li bor  
  shake the body, to PRT say to shake the body-R  
'For shaking the body, nyok is said.'

  19v-11  NEkq cM ba hU t; A; borq /
  Niuk chaM bA hU ta ?a bor  
  nyvk cham ba hu ta a bor  
        huta tul-ibo-r  
  darn, to PRT say to darn-R  
'For darning, nyvk is said.'

  19v-12  NEkq cM ba rU A; kI borq /
  Niuk chaM bA rU ?a kI bor  
  nyvk cham ba ru a ki bor  
        roh kor-ibo-r  
  affronted, to feel PRT say to feel affronted-R  
'For feeling affronted, nyvk is said.'

  19v-13  lkq cM ba sU esa r; borq /
  l(a)k chaM bA sU sO ra bor  
  lak cham ba su so ra bor  
  drag along the ground, to PRT say to drag along the ground-R  
'For dragging along the ground, lak is said.'

  19v-14  lkq cM ba sU rokq /
  l(a)k chaM bA sU rok  
  lak cham ba su rok  
  thief PRT say thief-K  
'For a thief, lak is said.'

  19v-15  lkq cM ba et] Dow rokq /
  l(a)k chaM bA tE dhow rok  
  lak cham ba te dhow rok  
  clever PRT say clever-K  
'For clever, lak is said.'

  19v-16  lkq cM ba mI ema [ow lokq /
  l(a)k chaM bA mI mO ngow lok  
  lak cham ba mi mo ngow lok  
  ill omen PRT say an ill omen-K  
'For an ill omen, lak is said.'

  19v-17  lkq cM ba eAa purq bokq /
  l(a)k chaM bA ?O pur bok  
  lak cham ba o pur bok  
  rare PRT say rare-K  
'For rare, lak is said.'

  19v-18  lkq cM ba Anq mow nokq /
  l(a)k chaM bA an mow nok  
  lak cham ba an mau nok  
  inattentive PRT say inattentive-K  
'For inattentive, lak is said.'

  19v-19  likq cM ba lEw Aokq /
  lik chaM bA liuw ?ok  
  lik cham ba lv ?ok  
  iron PRT say iron-K  
'For iron, lik is said.'

  20r-1  likq cM ba k; kow tokq /
  lik chaM bA ka kow tok  
  lik cham ba ka kow tok  
  paper PRT say paper-K  
'For paper, lik is said.'

  20r-2  likq cM ba eha rukq /
  lik chaM bA hO ruk  
  lik cham ba ho ruk  
  small PRT say small-K  
'For small, lik is said.'

  20r-3  likq cM ba eba rI da era pokq /
  lik chaM bA bO rI dA rO pok  
  lik cham ba bo ri da ro pok  
        bori dorob-ok  
  pill (medicine) PRT say medicinal pill-K  
'For a medicinal pill, lik is said.'

  20r-4  likq cM ba A; eta rI va kI borq /
  lik chaM bA ?a tO rI thA kI bor  
  lik cham ba a to ri tha ki bor  
        ator-i thak-ibo-r  
  remain at a distance, to PRT say to remain at a distance-R  
'For remaining at a distance, lik is said.'

  20r-5  likq cM ba eha lj ela borq /
  lik chaM bA hO lai lO bor  
  lik cham ba ho lai lo bor  
        holai lo-bo-r  
  take in exchange, to PRT say to take in exchange-R  
'For taking in exchange, lik is said.'

  20r-6  likq cM ba xU nU et] eBa Kkq /
  lik chaM bA khU nU tE bhO g(a)k  
  lik cham ba khu nu te bho gak  
        khund-ute bhoga-k  
  break, to while being pounded PRT say to be broken while being pounded-K  
'For being broken while being pounded, lik is said.'

  20r-7  likq cM ba ema hinq hENq tkq eba /
  lik chaM bA mO hin hiuN t(a)k bO  
  lik cham ba mo hin hvi tak bo  
        gohin hoi thoka-k  
  remaining grave PRT say remaining grave-K  
'For remaining grave, lik is said.'

  20r-8  lukq cM ba pU et] kokq /
  luk chaM bA pU tE kok  
  luk cham ba pu te kok  
  son PRT say son-K  
'For son, luk is said.'

  20r-9  lukq cM ba hU AI AU tI borq /
  luk chaM bA hU ?I ?U tI bor  
  luk cham ba hu i u ti bor  
        hui uth-ibo-r  
  rise from sleep, to PRT say to rise from sleep-R  
'For rising from sleep, luk is said.'

  20r-10  lukq cM ba yuNq eya la borq /
  luk chaM bA juN jO lA bor  
  luk cham ba juny jo la bor  
        jui jola-bo-r  
  kindle a fire, to PRT say to kindle a fire-R  
'For kindling a fire, luk is said.'

  20r-11  lukq cM ba kU vkq /
  luk chaM bA kU th(a)k  
  luk cham ba ku thak  
  room PRT say a room-K  
'For a room, luk is said.'

  20r-12  lukq cM ba eKa sorq kow likq /
  luk chaM bA gO sor kow lik  
  luk cham ba go sor kow lik  
        gos-or koli-k  
  bud PRT say a bud of a tree-K  
'For a bud of a tree, luk is said.'

  20r-13  lukq cM ba b; how tuw A; ela rkq /
  luk chaM bA ba how tuw ?a lO r(a)k  
  luk cham ba ba how tuw a lo rak  
        bahotua lora-k  
  boy whose father is unknown PRT say a boy whose father is unknown-K  
'For a boy whose father is unknown, luk is said.'

  20r-14  lokq cM ba slq es] l; borq /
  lok chaM bA s(a)l sE la bor  
  lok cham ba sal se la bor  
        sal sela-bo-r  
  flay, to PRT say to flay-R  
'For flaying, lok is said.'

  20r-15  lokq cM ba eda rU A; bo /
  lok chaM bA dO rU ?a bo  
  lok cham ba do ru a bo  
        bhoi khua-bo-r  
  frighten, to PRT say to make someone frightened-R  
'For making someone frightened, lok is said.'

  20r-16  lEkq cM ba ba sI borq /
  liuk chaM bA bA sI bor  
  lvk cham ba ba si bor  
  select, to PRT say to select-R  
'For selecting, lvk is said.'

  20r-17  mikq cM ba kU rI borq /
  mik chaM bA kU rI bor  
  mik cham ba ku ri bor  
        kur mar-ibo-r  
  plough, to PRT say to plough -R  
'For ploughing, mik is said.'

  20r-18  bikq cM ba ela r; dI borq /
  bik chaM bA lO ra dI bor  
  bik cham ba lo ra di bor  
        lora di-bo-r  
  give a child, to PRT say to give a child-R  
'For giving a child, bik is said.'

  20v-1  bikq cM ba konq Dotq ela borq /
  bik chaM bA kon dhot lO bor  
  bik cham ba kon dhot lo bor  
        kandhot lo-bo-r  
  take on the shoulder, to PRT say to take on the shoulder-R  
'For taking on the shoulder, bik is said.'

  20v-2  mukq cM ba borq eka sukq /
  muk chaM bA bor kO suk  
  muk cham ba bor ko suk  
        bor kosu-k  
  arum, large kind PRT say a kind of large arum-K  
'For a kind of large arum, muk is said.'

  20v-3  mukq cM ba eda hI eka sukq /
  muk chaM bA dO hI kO suk  
  muk cham ba do hi ko suk  
        dohi kosu-k  
  arum, kind of PRT say a kind of arum-K  
'For a kind of arum, muk is said.'

  20v-4  bukq cM ba torq epa r; hU knq nokq /
  buk chaM bA tor pO ra hU k(a)n ?ok  
  buk cham ba tor po ra hu kan ok  
        tor pora, hukan-ok  
  dried up PRT say dried up-K  
'For dried up, buk is said.'

  20v-5  bokq cM ba fU lokq /
  bok chaM bA phU lok  
  bok cham ba phu lok  
  flower PRT say flower-K  
'For a flower, bok is said.'

  20v-6  bokq cM ba bU ya borq /
  bok chaM bA bU jA bor  
  bok cham ba bu ja bor  
  mean, to PRT say to mean-R  
'For meaning, bok is said.'

  20v-7  kkq cM ba A; kM k; hokq /
  k(a)k chaM bA ?a kaM ka hok  
  kak cham ba a kam ka hok  
  wish PRT say wish-K  
'For wish, kak is said.'

  20v-8  kukq cM ba kU kU r; pU A; lI sa AU dI borq /
  kuk chaM bA kU kU ra pU ?a lI sA ?U dI bor  
  kuk cham ba ku ku ra pu a li sa u di bor  
        kukura puali-k saul di-bo-r  
  feed chicken with rice grains, to PRT say to feed chicken with rice grains-R  
'For feeding chicken with rice grains, kuk is said.'

  20v-9  kukq cM ba en] rI A; borq /
  kuk chaM bA nE rI ?a bor  
  kuk cham ba ne ri a bor  
  detach, not to PRT say not to detach-R  
'For not detaching, kuk is said.'

  20v-10  kukq cM ba eBa kU rI borq /
  kuk chaM bA bhO kU rI bor  
  kuk cham ba bho ku ri bor  
  mouldy, to be PRT say to be mouldy-R  
'For being mouldy, kuk is said.'

  20v-11  kukq cM ba en] A; borq /
  kuk chaM bA nE ?a bor  
  kuk cham ba ne a bor  
  detach, not to PRT say not to detach-R  
'For not detaching, kuk is said.'

  20v-12  kokq cM ba epa k; sU lI /
  kok chaM bA pO ka sU lI  
  kok cham ba po ka su li  
        poka suli  
  grey hair PRT say grey hair, due to old age  
'For grey hair, due to old age, kok is said.'

  20v-13  kokq cM ba eBa kU rI borq /
  kok chaM bA bhO kU rI bor  
  kok cham ba bho ku ri bor  
  mouldy, to be PRT say to be mouldy-R  
'For being mouldy, kok is said.'

  20v-14  kEkq cM ba da torq A; lukq /
  kiuk chaM bA dA tor ?a luk  
  kvk cham ba da tor a luk  
        dat-or alu-k  
  gum (of teeth) PRT say the gum of teeth-K  
'For the gum of teeth, kvk is said.'

  20v-15  Akq cM ba ema norq honq tU xokq /
  ?ak chaM bA mO nor hon tU khok  
  ak cham ba mo nor hon tu khok  
        mon-or hontukh-ok  
  happiness of mind PRT say the happiness of mind-K  
'For the happiness of mind, ak is said.'

  20v-16  Aikq cM ba Ba era xkq /
  ?ik chaM bA bhA rO kh(a)k  
  ik cham ba bha ro khak  
  reliance PRT say reliance-K  
'For reliance, ik is said.'

  20v-17  Aikq cM ba yU eAa likq /
  ?ik chaM bA jU ?O lik  
  ik cham ba ju o lik  
  yoke PRT say yoke-K  
'For yoke, ik is said.'

  20v-18  Aukq cM ba hI Aa esa rI /
  ?uk chaM bA hI ?A sO rI  
  uk cham ba hi aa so ri  
  breast PRT say the breast  
'For the breast, uk is said.'

  20v-19  Aukq cM ba eBa eka la /
  ?uk chaM bA bhO kO lA  
  uk cham ba bho ko la  
  frog PRT say a frog  
'For a frog, uk is said.'

  20v-20  Aukq cM ba AU ynq Dow rI borq /
  ?uk chaM bA ?U j(a)n dhow rI bor  
  uk cham ba u jan dhow ri bor  
        ujan dhor-ibo-r  
  catch fish while they advance in a shoal, to PRT say to catch fish while they advance in a shoal-R  
'For catching fish while they advance in a shoal, uk is said.'

  20v-21  Aokq cM ba AU la borq /
  ?ok chaM bA ?U lA bor  
  ok cham ba u la bor  
  come out, to PRT say to come out-R  
'For coming out, ok is said.'

  20v-22  Aokq cM ba GI Aukq /
  ?ok chaM bA ghI ?uk  
  ok cham ba ghi uk  
  butter PRT say butter-K  
'For butter, ok is said.'

  20v-23  Aokq cM ba A; punq nokq /
  ?ok chaM bA ?a pun nok  
  ok cham ba a pun nok  
  one's own PRT say one's own-K  
'For one's own, ok is said.'

  21r-1  fkq cM ba ena dirq pa rokq /
  ph(a)k chaM bA nO dir pA rok  
  phak cham ba no dir pa rok  
        nodi-r par-ok  
  river bank PRT say river bank-K  
'For river bank, phak is said.'

  21r-2  fkq cM ba esa sokq /
  ph(a)k chaM bA sO sok  
  phak cham ba so sok  
  bamboo cut into thin strips PRT say bamboo cut into thin strips-K  
'For thin strips of bamboo, phak is said.'

  21r-3  fkq cM ba eA] rI borq /
  ph(a)k chaM bA ?E rI bor  
  phak cham ba e ri bor  
  leave off, to PRT say to leave off-R  
'For leaving off, phak is said.'

  21r-4  fikq cM ba sI nI borq /
  phik chaM bA sI nI bor  
  phik cham ba si ni bor  
  recognize, to PRT say to recognize-R  
'For recognizing, phik is said.'

  21r-5  fikq cM ba bI rI na eka /
  phik chaM bA bI rI nA kO  
  phik cham ba bi ri na ko  
  grass, course, high kind PRT say a kind of high course grass  
'For a kind of high course grass, phik is said.'

  21r-6  fkq cM ba hoj ena eka /
  ph(a)k chaM bA hoi nO kO  
  phak cham ba hoi no ko  
  army PRT say an army-Ko  
'For an army, phak is said.'

  21r-7  fkq cM ba va hI borq /
  ph(a)k chaM bA thA hI bor  
  phak cham ba tha hi bor  
  ram down, to PRT say to ram down-R  
'For ramming down, phak is said.'

  21r-8  fikq cM ba eta [kq /
  phik chaM bA tO ng(a)k  
  phik cham ba to ngak  
    PRT say    

  21r-9  fikq cM ba AU eka lI Aj xU Aa borq /
  phik chaM bA ?U kO lI ?ai khU ?A bor  
  phik cham ba u ko li ai khu aa bor  
        ukoliai khua-bo-r  
  feed by ejecting from the mouth, to PRT say to feed by ejecting from the mouth-R  
'For feeding by ejecting from the mouth, phik is said.'

  21r-10  fukq cM ba ba DI borq /
  phuk chaM bA bA dhI bor  
  phuk cham ba ba dhi bor  
  tie, to PRT say to tie-R  
'For tying, phuk is said.'

  21r-11  fukq cM ba pa tIkq /
  phuk chaM bA pA tIk  
  phuk cham ba pa tik  
  mat PRT say a mat-K  
'For a mat, phuk is said.'

  21r-12  fukq cM ba eh] bnq DI borq /
  phuk chaM bA hE b(a)n dhI bor  
  phuk cham ba he ban dhi bor  
        bah-ere band-ibo-r  
  tie with bamboo strips, to PRT say to tie with bamboo strips-R  
'For tying with bamboo strips, phuk is said.'

  21r-13  fokq cM ba kU eDa sokq /
  phok chaM bA kU dhO sok  
  phok cham ba ku dho sok  
  ugly PRT say ugly-K  
'For ugly, phok is said.'

  21r-14  fokq cM ba eA] k; yikq /
  phok chaM bA ?E ka jik  
  phok cham ba e ka jik  
  unskilled woman PRT say an unskilled woman-K  
'For an unskilled woman, phok is said.'

  21r-15  fkq cM ba da tikq /
  ph(a)k chaM bA dA tik  
  phak cham ba da tik  
  side PRT say side-K  
'For side, phak is said.'

  21r-16  fokq cM ba epa ela xU Aj eKa pokq /
  phok chaM bA pO lO khU ?ai gO pok  
  phok cham ba po lo khu ai go pok  
        polokhua gos-ok  
  sap wood PRT say a sap wood-K  
'For a sap wood, phok is said.'

  21r-17  fokq cM ba m; nU eh] ekoa borq /
  phok chaM bA ma nU hE koO bor  
  phok cham ba ma nu he koo bor  
        kotha ko-bo-r  
  speak, to PRT say to speak-R  
'For speaking, phok is said.'

  21r-18  fokq cM ba BU eya nokq /
  phok chaM bA bhU jO nok  
  phok cham ba bhu jo nok  
  feast PRT say feast-K  
'For a feast, phok is said.'

  21v-1  fokq cM ba k; et] ebo] pa nI sI tI A; borq /
  phok chaM bA ka tE boE pA nI sI tI ?a bor  
  phok cham ba ka te boe pa ni si ti a bor  
        hatere pani sotia-bo-r  
  sprinkle water with hand, to PRT say to sprinkle water with hand-R  
'For sprinkling water with hand, phok is said.'

  21v-2  fEkq cM ba hU kI lkq /
  phiuk chaM bA hU kI l(a)k  
  phvk cham ba hu ki lak  
    PRT say binding object while making house-K  

  21v-3  fEkq cM ba hI kI borq /
  phiuk chaM bA hI kI bor  
  phvk cham ba hi ki bor  
  learn, to PRT say to learn-R  
'For learning, phvk is said.'

  21v-4  fEkq cM ba msq ema era bnq nokq /
  phiuk chaM bA m(a)s mO rO b(a)n ok  
  phvk cham ba mas mo ro ban ok  
        mas mora ban-ok  
  fish trap, bamboo fence set up in a stream to catch fish PRT say a bamboo fence set up in a stream to catch fish-K  
'For a bamboo fence set up in a stream to catch fish, phvk is said.'

  21v-5  fEkq cM ba eka esa lukq /
  phiuk chaM bA kO sO luk  
  phvk cham ba ko so luk  
  root, edible type PRT say a kind of edible root-K  
'For a kind of edible root, phvk is said.'

  21v-6  vkq cM ba ba GENq eA] eka tkq /
  th(a)k chaM bA bA ghiuN E kO t(a)k  
  thak cham ba ba ghvi e ko tak  
    PRT say    

  21v-7  vkq cM ba eda pI Aa borq /
  th(a)k chaM bA dO pI aA bor  
  thak cham ba do pi aa bor  
  hew, to PRT say to hew-R  
'For hewing, thak is said.'

  21v-8  vikq cM ba ena era nI er] sIrq dj borq /
  thik chaM bA nO rO nI rE sIr dai bor  
  thik cham ba no ro ni re sir dai bor  
        noronire sira-bo-r  
  tear with a lancet, to PRT say to tear with a lancet-R  
'For tearing with a lancet, thik is said.'

  21v-9  vukq cM ba la gI borq /
  thuk chaM bA lA gI bor  
  thuk cham ba la gi bor  
  contact, to come in PRT say to come in contact-R  
'For coming in contact, thuk is said.'

  21v-10  vokq cM ba AU porq k; tI x; borq /
  thok chaM bA ?U por ka tI kha bor  
  thok cham ba u por ka ti kha bor  
        upor kati kha-bo-r  
  aslant, to be PRT say to be aslant-R  
'For being aaslant, thok is said.'

  21v-11  vokq cM ba Aa eya r; borq /
  thok chaM bA ?A jO ra bor  
  thok cham ba aa jo ra bor  
  empty, to PRT say to empty-R  
'For emptying, thok is said.'

  21v-12  vEkq cM ba ema tkq /
  thiuk chaM bA mO t(a)k  
  thvk cham ba mo tak  
  male PRT say male-K  
'For male, thvk is said.'

  21v-13  vEkq cM ba ev] kI borq /
  thiuk chaM bA thE kI bor  
  thvk cham ba the ki bor  
  contact, to come in PRT say to come in contact-R  
'For coming in contact, thvk is said.'

  21v-14  skq cM ba Donq ba Di borq /
  s(a)k chaM bA dhon bA dhi bor  
  sak cham ba dhon ba dhi bor  
        dhan bona-bo-r  
  husk paddy, to PRT say to husk paddy-R  
'For husking paddy, sak is said.'

  21v-15  skq cM ba vU rkq /
  s(a)k chaM bA thU r(a)k  
  sak cham ba thu rak  
  pestle PRT say the pestle of a husking pedal-K  
'For the pestle of a husking pedal, sak is said.'

  21v-16  skq cM ba sU Akq /
  s(a)k chaM bA sU ak  
  sak cham ba su ak  
  impure or ceremoniously unclean PRT say impure or ceremoniously unclean-K  
'For impure or ceremoniously unclean, sak is said.'

  21v-17  skq cM ba DU bkq /
  s(a)k chaM bA dhU b(a)k  
  sak cham ba dhu bak  
  washerman PRT say a washerman-K  
'For a washerman, sak is said.'

  22r-1  sikq cM ba eba kow r; nikq /
  sik chaM bA bO kow ra nik  
  sik cham ba bo ko ra nik  
  dirty place PRT say a dirty place-K  
'For a dirty place, sik is said.'

  22r-2  sikq cM ba eA] sI tkq /
  sik chaM bA ?E sI t(a)k  
  sik cham ba e si tak  
  rubbish tip PRT say where rubbish is thrown-K  
'For where rubbish is thrown, sik is said.'

  22r-3  sikq cM ba sI rI borq /
  sik chaM bA sI rI bor  
  sik cham ba si ri bor  
  tear, to PRT say to tear-R  
'For tearing, sik is said.'

  22r-4  sUkq cM ba epa kI borq /
  sUk chaM bA pO kI bor  
  suk cham ba po ki bor  
  ripen, to PRT say to ripen-R  
'For ripening, suk is said.'

  22r-5  sukq cM ba hI yI borq /
  suk chaM bA hI jI bor  
  suk cham ba hi ji bor  
  cook until tender, to PRT say to cook till tender-R  
'For cooking till tender, suk is said.'

  22r-6  sukq cM ba DU /
  suk chaM bA dhU  
  suk cham ba dho  
  wash, to PRT say to wash  
'For washing, suk is said.'

  22r-7  sokq cM ba kI la kow tIkq /
  sok chaM bA kI lA kow tIk  
  sok cham ba ki la ku tik  
  elbow PRT say the elbow-K  
'For the elbow, sok is said.'

  22r-8  sokq cM ba kI la borq /
  sok chaM bA kI lA bor  
  sok cham ba ki la bor  
  beat, to PRT say to beat-R  
'For beating, sok is said.'

  22r-9  sokq cM ba vI borq /
  sok chaM bA thI bor  
  sok cham ba thi bor  
    PRT say    

  22r-10  sokq cM ba ela ega nI Akq /
  sok chaM bA lO gO nI ?(a)k  
  sok cham ba lo go nik  
  backbiter PRT say a backbiter-K  
'For a backbiter, sok is said.'

  22r-11  sEkq cM ba era nokq /
  siuk chaM bA rO nok  
  svk cham ba ro nok  
  battle PRT say a battle-k  
'For a battle, svk is said.'

  22r-12  sEkq cM ba AU yj hU Akq /
  siuk chaM bA ?U jai hU ?(a)k  
  svk cham ba u jai hu ak  
        ujai hua-k  
  move the head towards upper end of the bed while sleeping, to PRT say to move the head towards upper end of the bed while sleeping-K  
'For to move the head towards upper end of the bed while sleeping, svk is said.'

  22r-13  rkq cM ba hI pkq /
  r(a)k chaM bA hI p(a)k  
  rak cham ba hi pak  
  root PRT say root-K  
'For root, rak is said.'

  22r-14  rkq cM ba es] en] hokq /
  r(a)k chaM bA sE nE hok  
  rak cham ba se ne hok  
  affection PRT say affection-K  
'For affection, rak is said.'

  22r-15  rkq cM ba eboa tI A; borq /
  r(a)k chaM bA boO tI ?a bor  
  rak cham ba bo~ tia bor  
  vomit, to PRT say to vomit-R  
'For vomiting, rak is said.'

  22r-16  rkq cM ba Ba gI borq /
  r(a)k chaM bA bhA gI bor  
  rak cham ba bha gi bor  
  break, to PRT say to break-R  
'For breaking, rak is said.'

  22r-17  rikq cM ba m; tI borq /
  rik chaM bA ma tI bor  
  rik cham ba mati bor  
  call, to PRT say to call-R  
'For calling, rik is said.'

  22r-18  rikq cM ba eh] tukq /
  rik chaM bA hE tuk  
  rik cham ba he tuk  
  lead PRT say lead-K  
'For lead, rik is said.'

  22r-19  rikq cM ba how bow Dokq /
  rik chaM bA how bow dhok  
  rik cham ba hom bon dhok  
  relationship PRT say relationship-K  
'For relationship, rik is said.'

  22r-20  rikq cM ba ytq rkq /
  rik chaM bA j(a)t r(a)k  
  rik cham ba jat rak  
  commencing a journey PRT say the act of commencing a journey-K  
'For the act of commencing a journey, rik is said.'

  22r-21  rukq cM ba esa tkq /
  ruk chaM bA sO t(a)k  
  ruk cham ba so tak  
  six PRT say six-K  
'For six, ruk is said.'

  22r-22  rukq cM ba kUrq... /
  ruk chaM bA kUr  
  ruk cham ba kur  
  shovel PRT say shovel ...  
'For shovel, ruk is said.'

  22v-1  rukq cM ba kUrq kU tI /
  ruk chaM bA kUr kU tI  
  ruk cham ba kur ku ti  
        kurkuti kor-ibo-r  
  pass the time, to, by doing some thing unimportant PRT say to pass the time by doing something unimportant-R  
'For passing the time by doing something unimportant, ruk is said.'

  22v-2  rukq cM ba t; torq h; lokq /
  ruk chaM bA ta tor ha lok  
  ruk cham ba ta tor ha lok  
        tat hal-ok  
  loom PRT say a loom-K  
'For a loom, ruk is said.'

  22v-3  rukq cM ba k; hokq /
  ruk chaM bA ka hok  
  ruk cham ba ka hok  
        kak bah-ok  
  bamboo, type of PRT say a kind of bamboo-K  
'For a kind of bamboo, ruk is said.'

  22v-4  rukq cM ba eboa t; BUNq /
  ruk chaM bA boO ta bhUN  
  ruk cham ba boo ta bhui  
        bota bhui-k  
  paddy seedlings PRT say paddy seedlings-K  
'For paddy seedlings, ruk is said.'

  22v-5  rokq cM ba ya vikq /
  rok chaM bA jA thik  
  rok cham ba ja thik  
  spear PRT say a spear-K  
'For a spear, rok is said.'

  22v-6  rokq cM ba ek]rq ek] tU Akq /
  rok chaM bA kEr kE tU ?(a)k  
  rok cham ba ker ke tu ak  
  squirrel PRT say a squirrel-K  
'For a squirrel, rok is said.'

  22v-7  rEkq cM ba pa rIkq /
  riuk chaM bA pA rIk  
  rvk cham ba pa rik  
  border PRT say border-K  
'For border, rvk is said.'

  22v-8  rEkq cM ba kU rU kukq /
  riuk chaM bA kU rU kuk  
  rvk cham ba ku ru kuk  
  undulating PRT say undulating  
'For undulating, rvk is said.'

  22v-9  ykq cM ba dU xokq /
  j(a)k chaM bA dU khok  
  jak cham ba du khok  
  sorrow PRT say sorrow-K  
'For sorrow, jak is said.'

  22v-10  ykq cM ba hkq tU lI borq /
  j(a)k chaM bA h(a)k tU lI bor  
  jak cham ba hak tu li bor  
        hak tul-ibo-r  
  collect vegetables, to PRT say to collect vegetables-R  
'For collecting vegetables, jak is said.'

  22v-11  ykq cM ba sI kU tI borq /
  j(a)k chaM bA sI kU tI bor  
  jak cham ba si ku ti bor  
        basi kut-ibo-r  
  clean and cut vegetables, to PRT say to clean and cut vegetables-R  
'For cleaning and cutting vegetables, jak is said.'

  22v-12  yikq cM ba efa t; k; nIkq /
  jik chaM bA phO ta ka nIk  
  jik cham ba pho ta ka nik  
  rag PRT say a rag-K  
'For a rag, jik is said.'

  22v-13  yikq cM ba ey] kkq /
  jik chaM bA jE k(a)k  
  jik cham ba je kak  
  damp PRT say damp-K  
'For damp, jik is said.'

  22v-14  yukq cM ba eka rI Aj tU lI borq /
  juk chaM bA kO rI ?ai tU lI bor  
  juk cham ba ko ri ai tu li bor  
        koria tul-ibo-r  
  carry and lift, to PRT say to carry and lift something-R  
'For carrying and lifting something, juk is said.'

  22v-15  yukq cM ba epa esa la /
  juk chaM bA pO sO lA  
  juk cham ba po so la  
  sprout of plantain tree PRT say a sprout of the plantain tree dressed for food  
'For a sprout of the plantain tree dressed for food, juk is said.'

  22v-16  yokq cM ba yU yotq h; rI borq /
  jok chaM bA jU jot ha rI bor  
  jok cham ba ju jot ha ri bor  
        jujot har-ibo-r  
  defeated in battle, to be PRT say to be defeated in battle-R  
'For being defeated in battle, jok is said.'

  22v-17  yokq cM ba eda rU A; borq /
  jok chaM bA dO rU ?a bor  
  jok cham ba do ru a bor  
        bhoi khua-bo-r  
  frighten, to PRT say to frighten someone -R  
'For frightening someone, jok is said.'

  22v-18  bkq cM ba boa eva k; tI borq /
  b(a)k chaM bA boA thO ka ti bor  
  bak cham ba boa tho ka ti bor  
        bat kat-ibo-r  
    PRT say to make a way-R  
'For making a way, bak is said.'

  22v-19  bkq cM ba sKq m; rI eDa borq /
  b(a)k chaM bA s(a)g ma rI dhO bor  
  bak cham ba sag ma ri dho bor  
        esar mar-i tho-bo-r  
    PRT say to hit and put down-R  
'For hitting and putting down, bak is said.'

  23r-1  ko[q cM ba Arq kow rI borq /
  kWong chaM bA ?(a)r kow rI bor  
  kwang cham ba ar kow ri bor  
  hide, to PRT say to hide-R  
'For hiding, klong is said.'

  23r-2  ko[q cM ba k[q [okq kU /
  kWong chaM bA k(a)ng ?ok kU  
  kwang cham ba kang ok ku  
  jaw PRT say jaw-K  
'For jaw, kwang is said.'

  23r-3  k[q cM ba m; yokq /
  k(a)ng chaM bA ma jok  
  kang cham ba ma jok  
  middle PRT say middle-K  
'For middle, kang is said.'

  23r-4  k[q cM ba da kU rokq /
  k(a)ng chaM bA dA kU rok  
  kang cham ba da ku rok  
  tether block PRT say a tether block-K  
'For a tether block, kang is said.'

  23r-5  k[q cM ba krq fj eD] nokq /
  k(a)ng chaM bA k(a)r phai dhE nok  
  kang cham ba kar phai dhe nok  
        karphai dhonu-k  
  crossbow PRT say a cross-bow-K  
'For a cross-bow, kang is said.'

  23r-6  ko[q cM ba eboa lokq /
  kWong chaM bA boO lok  
  kwang cham ba boo lok  
  wide PRT say wide-K  
'For wide, klong is said.'

  23r-7  ki[q cM ba eKa sorq esa kukq /
  king chaM bA gO sor sO kuk  
  king cham ba go sor so kuk  
        gos-or soku-k  
  eye of a tree PRT say the eye of a tree-K  
'For the eye of a tree, king is said.'

  23r-8  ki[q cM ba ega rI borq /
  king chaM bA gO rI bor  
  king cham ba go ri bor  
  forge, to PRT say to forge-R  
'For forging, king is said.'

  23r-9  ki[q cM ba ya tikq /
  king chaM bA jA tik  
  king cham ba ja tik  
  caste PRT say caste-K  
'For caste, king is said.'

  23r-10  ki[q cM ba AU efa rI borq /
  king chaM bA ?U phO rI bor  
  king cham ba u po ri bor  
  fling, to PRT say to be flung off-R  
'For being flung off, king is said.'

  23r-11  ki[q cM ba ek] et] kI fU lokq /
  king chaM bA kE tE kI phU lok  
  king cham ba ke te ki phu lok  
        keteki phul-ok  
  screw pine flower PRT say a screw pine flower-K  
'For a screw pine flower, king is said.'

  23r-12  ki[q cM ba /  
king chaM bA     king
cham ba        
        PRT say
  'For king.'

  23r-13  ki[q cM ba Ba xokq /
  king chaM bA bhA khok  
  king cham ba bha khok  
  feigning PRT say feign-K  
'For feign, king is said.'

  23r-14  ki[q cM ba miR[q m; rI borq /
  king chaM bA mring ma rI bor  
  king cham ba mring ma ri bor  
        peng mar-ibo-r  
  pronged stand PRT say the two pronged contrivance for supporting anything  
'For the two pronged contrivance for supporting anything, king is said.'

  23r-15  ki[q cM ba ek]rq ek] su dI borq /
  king chaM bA kEr kE su dI bor  
  king cham ba ker ke su di bor  
        kerkesa di-bo-r  
  nestle, to PRT say to nestle-R  
'For nestling, king is said.'

  23r-16  ki[q cM ba da kurq dU lokq /
  king chaM bA dA kur dU lok  
  king cham ba da kur du lok  
        dakur dol-ok  
  chord used in a tether block PRT say the chord used in a tether block-K  
'For the chord used in a tether block, king is said.'

  23r-17  ku[q cM ba eDa nukq /
  kung chaM bA dhO nuk  
  kung cham ba dho nuk  
  bow PRT say a bow-K  
'For a bow, kung is said.'

  23r-18  ku[q cM ba Ao low epa kU ykq /
  kung chaM bA ?o low pO kU j(a)k  
  kung cham ba o lau po ku jak  
        olop kuja-k  
  hunched, slightly PRT say slightly hunched-K  
'For slightly hunched, kung is said.'

  23r-19  ku[q cM ba eya eta rkq /
  kung chaM bA jO tO r(a)k  
  kung cham ba jo to rak  
  spinning wheel PRT say a spinning wheel-K  
'For a spinning wheel, kung is said.'

  23v-1  ku[q cM ba mI sa m; sokq /
  kung chaM bA mI sA ma sok  
  kung cham ba mi sa ma sok  
        misa mas-ok  
  shrimp PRT say a shrimp-K  
'For a shrimp, kung is said.'

  23v-2  ku[q cM ba eKa sorq xU rU /
  kung chaM bA gO sor khU rU  
  kung cham ba go sor khu ru  
        gos-or khurung  
  hole in a tree PRT say a hole in a tree  
'For a hole in a tree, kung is said.'

  23v-3  ko[q cM ba tI[q hU rU likq /
  kong chaM bA tIng hU rU lik  
  kong cham ba ting hu ru lik  
        tiri-r uruli-k  
  trilling sound PRT say trilling sound caused by the repeated movement of the tongue-K  
'For trilling sound caused by the repeated movement of the tongue, kong is said.'

  23v-4  ko[q cM ba hI lENq Aikq /
  kong chaM bA hI liuN ik  
  kong cham ba hi lvi ik  
  gun PRT say a gun-K  
'For a gun, kong is said.'

  23v-5  ko[q cM ba k; Gorq dnq Aokq /
  kong chaM bA ka ghor d(a)n ?ok  
  kong cham ba ka ghor dan ok  
        khora dhan-ok  
  paddy, over-sunned PRT say over-sunned paddy-K  
'For over-sunned paddy, kong is said.'

  23v-6  ko[q cM ba eda la borq /
  kong chaM bA dO lA bor  
  kong cham ba do la bor  
  prune, to PRT say to prune-R  
'For pruning, kong is said.'

  23v-7  ko[q cM ba du lokq /
  kong chaM bA du lok  
  kong cham ba du lok  
  drum PRT say a drum-K  
'For a drum, kong is said.'

  23v-8  ko[q cM ba bI hokq /
  kong chaM bA bI hok  
  kong cham ba bi hok  
  poison PRT say poison-K  
'For poison, kong is said.'

  23v-9  ko[q cM ba Dnq eba r; yU rI borq /
  kong chaM bA dh(a)n bO ra jU rI bor  
  kong cham ba dhan bo ra ju ri bor  
        dhan-or bor jur-ibo-r  
  prepare the paddy for husking, to PRT say to make the paddy ready for husking-R  
'For making the paddy ready for husking, kong is said.'

  23v-10  ko[q cM ba Du lokq /
  kong chaM bA dhu lok  
  kong cham ba dhu lok  
  drum PRT say a drum-K  
'For a drum, kong is said.'

  23v-11  kE[q cM ba A; tI borq /
  kiung chaM bA ?a tI bor  
  kvng cham ba a ti bor  
  suffice, to PRT say to suffice-R  
'For sufficing, kvng is said.'

  23v-12  x[q cM ba efoa Aorq mU rI A; borq /
  kh(a)ng chaM bA phoO ?or mU tI ?a bor  
  khang cham ba pho or mu ti a bor  
        phormuti mar-ibo-r  
  throw, to PRT say to throw something-R  
'For throwing something, khang is said.'

  23v-13  x[q cM ba hU xokq /
  kh(a)ng chaM bA hU khok  
  khang cham ba hu khok  
  happiness PRT say happiness-K  
'For happiness, khang is said.'

  23v-14  x[q cM ba k; kU K; tU DI borq /
  kh(a)ng chaM bA ka kU ga tU dhI bor  
  khang cham ba ka ku ga tu dhi bor  
        gat lag-ibo-r  
  feel, to, as in pain or pleasure PRT say to have a feeling of pain, pleasure, etc-R  
'For having a feeling of pain, pleasure, etc, khang is said.'

  23v-15  x[q cM ba la kI mokq /
  kh(a)ng chaM bA lA kI mok  
  khang cham ba la ki mok  
  top PRT say a top-K  
'For a top, khang is said.'

  23v-16  x[q cM ba epa eva lI Akq /
  kh(a)ng chaM bA pO thO lI ?(a)k  
  khang cham ba po tho li ak  
  width PRT say width-K  
'For width, khang is said.'

  23v-17  x[q cM ba eB] tkq eka /
  kh(a)ng chaM bA bhE t(a)k kO  
  khang cham ba bhe tak ko  
  dam PRT say a dam-K  
'For a dam, khang is said.'

  23v-18  x[q cM ba Kkq /
  kh(a)ng chaM bA g(a)k  
  khang cham ba gak  
  body PRT say body-K  
'For body, khang is said.'

  23v-19  xi[q cM ba A; da /
  khing chaM bA ?a dA  
  khing cham ba a da  
  ginger PRT say ginger  
'For ginger, khing is said.'

  23v-20  xI[q cM ba kU eta nkq /
  khIng chaM bA kU tO n(a)k  
  khing cham ba ku to nak  
  chopping block PRT say a chopping block on which bhang, meat, etc are minced-K  
'For a chopping block on which bhang, meat, etc are minced, khing is said.'

  23v-21  xI[q cM ba sa e[a tikq /
  khIng chaM bA sA ngO tik  
  khing cham ba sa ngo tik  
  canopy PRT say a canopy-K  
'For a canopy, khing is said.'

  24r-1  xI[q cM ba eha eka tokq /
  khIng chaM bA hO kO tok  
  khing cham ba ho ko tok  
  fat PRT say fat-K  
'For fat, khing is said.'

  24r-2  xu[q cM ba hU tokq /
  khung chaM bA hU tok  
  khung cham ba hu tok  
    PRT say water current-K  
'For water current, khung is said.'

  24r-3  xu[q cM ba nu[q [kq /
  khung chaM bA nung ngak  
  khung cham ba nung ngak  
  logged water PRT say logged water -K  
'For logged water, khung is said.'

  24r-4  xu[q cM ba ek] er] na ega sokq /
  khung chaM bA kE rE na gO sok  
  khung cham ba ke re na go sok  
        erena gos-ok  
  tree, a kind of PRT say a kind of tree-K  
'For a kind of tree, khung is said.'

  24r-5  xo[q cM ba bosq tukq /
  khong chaM bA bos tuk  
  khong cham ba bos tuk  
  thing PRT say object/thing-K  
'For object/thing, khing is said.'

  24r-6  xo[q cM ba A] ela gI borq /
  khong chaM bA ?E lO gI bor  
  khong cham ba e lo gi bor  
        aul lag-ibo-r  
  mess, to get into PRT say to get into a mess-R  
'For getting into a mess, khong is said.'

  24r-7  xo[q cM ba ba nIkq /
  khong chaM bA bA nIk  
  khong cham ba ba nik  
  breadth of a cloth PRT say the breadth of a cloth-K  
'For the breadth of a cloth, khong is said.'

  24r-8  nE[q cM ba ela r; borq /
  niung chaM bA lO ra bor  
  nvng cham ba lo ra bor  
  stir, to PRT say to stir-R  
'For stirring, nvng is said.'

  24r-9  nE[q cM ba sIw xj ya borq /
  niung chaM bA sIw khai jA bor  
  nvng cham ba siw khai ja bor  
        huka-i /bhoi khai ja-bo-r  
  dry, to PRT say to dry/get frightened-R  
'For drying/getting frightened, nvng is said.'

  24r-10  nE[q cM ba es] A; dI borq /
  niung chaM bA sE ?a dI bor  
  nvng cham ba se a di bor  
        sewa di-bo-r  
    PRT say to steam, of rice-R  
'For steaming rice, nvng is said.'

  24r-11  nE[q cM ba eya ti borq /
  niung chaM bA jO ti bor  
  nvng cham ba jo ti bor  
        jot dhor-ibo-r  
    PRT say to get matted, of hair-R  
'For getting matted of hair, nvng is said.'

  24r-12  d[q cM ba d[q [okq /
  d(a)ng chaM bA d(a)ng ngok  
  dang cham ba dang ngok  
  latch PRT say a latch-K  
'For a latch, dang is said.'

  24r-13  d[q cM ba epa exa rkq /
  d(a)ng chaM bA pO khO r(a)k  
  dang cham ba po kho rak  
  spotted PRT say spotted-K  
'For spotted, dang is said.'

  24r-14  d[q cM ba boa yI borq /
  d(a)ng chaM bA boA jI bor  
  dang cham ba boa ji bor  
  sound, to PRT say to sound-R  
'For sounding, dang is said.'

  24r-15  d[q cM ba efa rokq /
  d(a)ng chaM bA phO rok  
  dang cham ba pho rok  
  shield, long PRT say a long shield-K  
'For a long shield, dang is said.'

  24r-16  di[q cM ba era [kq /
  ding chaM bA rO ng(a)k  
  ding cham ba ro ngak  
  red PRT say red-K  
'For red, ding is said.'

  24r-17  d[q cM ba em] skq /
  d(a)ng chaM bA mE s(a)k  
  dang cham ba me sak  
  bent; bowed PRT say bent or bowed-K  
'For bent or bowed, dang is said.'

  24r-18  du[q cM ba eAa rj nokq /
  dung chaM bA ?O rai nok  
  dung cham ba o rai nok  
  jungle PRT say jungle-K  
'For jungle, dung is said.'

  24r-19  du[q cM ba hU lkq /
  dung chaM bA hU l(a)k  
  dung cham ba hu lak  
  field, low PRT say a low field-K  
'For a low field, dung is said.'

  24r-20  du[q cM ba huvq eha borq /
  dung chaM bA huth ho-bo-r  
  dung cham ba huth ho bor  
        hud khobor  
    PRT say to enquire-R  
'For enquiring, dung is said.'

  24r-21  do[q cM ba bI AojNq /
  dong chaM bA bI oaiN  
  dong cham ba bi oai  
  father-in-law PRT say a son or a daughter's father-in-law  
'For a son or a daughter's father-in-law, dong is said.'

  24v-1  c[q cM ba h; tI /
  ch(a)ng chaM bA ha tI  
  chang cham ba ha ti  
  elephant PRT say elephant  
'For elephant, chang is said.'

  24v-2  c[q cM ba ya nI borq /
  ch(a)ng chaM bA jA nI bor  
  chang cham ba ja ni bor  
  cure, by magic PRT say to cure one by enchanting-R  
'For to cure one by enchanting, chang is said.'

  24v-3  c[q cM ba ba yikq /
  ch(a)ng chaM bA bA jik  
  chang cham ba ba jik  
  jugglery PRT say jugglery-K  
'For jugglery, chang is said.'

  24v-4  c[q cM ba eta era yukq /
  ch(a)ng chaM bA tO rO juk  
  chang cham ba to ro juk  
  balance PRT say a balance-K  
'For a balance, chang is said.'

  24v-5  c[q cM ba eb] yrq x; borq /
  ch(a)ng chaM bA bE j(a)r kha bor  
  chang cham ba be jar kha bor  
        bejar pa-bo-r  
  sorrowful, to be PRT say to be afflicted with sorrow-R  
'For being afflicted with sorrow, chang is said.'

  24v-6  c[q cM ba eda xI eka nkq /
  ch(a)ng chaM bA dO khI kO n(a)k  
  chang cham ba do khi ko nak  
        dokkhin kona-k  
  blind in the right eye PRT say a person blind in the right eye-K  
'For a person blind in the right eye, chang is said.'

  24v-7  c[q cM ba eAa rI eha nkq /
  ch(a)ng chaM bA ?O rI hO n(a)k  
  chang cham ba o ri ho nak  
  offering made to a priest after the ceremony PRT say an offering made to an officiating priest after the ceremony is over-K  
'For an offering made to an officiating priest after the ceremony is over, chang is said.'

  24v-8  cI[q cM ba k; rI ela borq /
  chIng chaM bA ka rI lO bor  
  ching cham ba ka ri lo bor  
        kar-i lo-bo-r  
  take by force, to PRT say to take by force-R  
'For taking by force, ching is said.'

  24v-9  cI[q cM ba yI nI borq /
  chIng chaM bA jI nI bor  
  ching cham ba ji ni bor  
  conquer, to PRT say to conquer-R  
'For conquering, ching is said.'

  24v-10  cI[q cM ba r; eya en] skq /
  chIng chaM bA ra jO nE s(a)k  
  ching cham ba ra jo ne sak  
        raj neusa-k  
  curse affecting the whole nation PRT say a curse affecting the whole nation-K  
'For a curse affecting the whole nation, ching is said.'

  24v-11  ci[q cM ba esa tj m; nU hokq /
  ching chaM bA sO tai ma nU hok  
  ching cham ba so tai ma nu hok  
        sotai manuh-ok  
  vagabond PRT say a vagabond-K  
'For a vagabond, ching is said.'

  24v-12  cu[q cM ba sU bj eDa rI nI borq /
  chung chaM bA sU bai dhO rI nI bor  
  chung cham ba su bai dho ri ni bor  
        subai dhor-i ni-bo-r  
    PRT say    

  24v-13  cu[q cM ba x; munq KU tikq AI /
  chung chaM bA kha mun gu tik ?I  
  chung cham ba kha mun gu tik i  
        khamon gui-k  
  iguana, type PRT say a kind of iguana-K  
'For a kind of iguana, chung is said.'

  24v-14  cu[q cM ba ema rrq ep] rkq /
  chung chaM bA mO r(a)r pE r(a)k  
  chung cham ba mo rar pe rak  
        morar pera-k  
  coffin PRT say a coffin-box-K  
'For a coffin-box, chung is said.'

  24v-15  cu[q cM ba eDa rI va kI borq /
  chung chaM bA dhO rI thA kI bor  
  chung cham ba dho ri tha ki bor  
        dhor-i thak-ibo-r  
  hold on to, to PRT say to keep on holding-R  
'For to keep on holding, chung is said.'

  24v-16  co[q cM ba sU lI so[q [okq /
  chong chaM bA sU lI song ngok  
  chong cham ba su li song ngok  
        suli-r seng-ok  
  hair-tie PRT say a hair-tie-K  
'For a hair-tie, chong is said.'

  24v-17  co[q cM ba sa bU kokq /
  chong chaM bA sA bU kok  
  chong cham ba sa bu kok  
  whip PRT say a whip-K  
'For a whip, chong is said.'

  24v-18  co[q cM ba es] eka nikq /
  chong chaM bA sE kO nik  
  chong cham ba se ko nik  
  stick, thin, used for beating PRT say a thin stick used for beating-K  
'For a thin stick used for beating, chong is said.'

  24v-19  co[q cM ba eta [I eGa rokq /
  chong chaM bA tO ngI ghO rok  
  chong cham ba to ngi gho rok  
        tongi ghor-ok  
  high platform used for watching crops PRT say a high platform used for watching crops-K  
'For a high platform used for watching crops, chong is said.'

  24v-20  co[q cM ba esa rRokq /
  chong chaM bA sO trok  
  chong cham ba so trok  
    PRT say umbrella-K  
'For umbrella, chong is said.'

  24v-21  co[q cM ba epRa k; rokq /
  chong chaM bA prO ka rok  
  chong cham ba pro ka rok  
  type PRT say kind/type-K  
'For kind/type, chong is said.'

  24v-22  cE[q cM ba xrq sj eka /
  chiung chaM bA kh(a)r sai kO  
  chvng cham ba khar sai ko  
  attendant, female PRT say a female attendant-K  
'For a female attendant, chvng is said.'

  25r-1  cE[Q cM ba ey] tIkq /
  chiung chaM bA jE tIk  
  chvng cham ba je tik  
  lizard PRT say lizard-K  
'For lizard, chvng is said.'

  25r-2  cE[Q cM ba ed] kU /
  chiung chaM bA dE kU  
  chvng cham ba de ku  
  God PRT say God  
'For God, chvng is said.'

  25r-3  cE[Q cM ba epa loM ena eka rkq /
  chiung chaM bA pO loM nO kO r(a)k  
  chvng cham ba po lom no ko rak  
        polom no-kor-ak  
  delay, not to PRT say not to delay-K  
'For not delaying, chvng is said.'

  25r-4  t[q cM ba ba tokq /
  t(a)ng chaM bA bA tok  
  tang cham ba ba tok  
  road PRT say road-K  
'For road, tang is said.'

  25r-5  t[q cM ba pI rkq /
  t(a)ng chaM bA pI r(a)k  
  tang cham ba pi rak  
  stool PRT say stool-K  
'For a stool, tang is said.'

  25r-6  t[q cM ba pa rI borq /
  t(a)ng chaM bA pA rI bor  
  tang cham ba pa ri bor  
  pluck, to PRT say to pluck fruit-R  
'For plucking fruit, tang is said.'

  25r-7  t[q cM ba kU rI lkq /
  t(a)ng chaM bA kU rI l(a)k  
  tang cham ba ku ri lak  
  plant, shola plant PRT say the shola plant-K  
'For the shola plant, tang is said.'

  25r-8  t[q cM ba BI nokq kU /
  t(a)ng chaM bA bhI nok kU  
  tang cham ba bhi nok ku  
  separated PRT say separate-Ku  
'For separate, tang is said.'

  25r-9  t[q cM ba eha eka ela kU /
  t(a)ng chaM bA hO kO lO kU  
  tang cham ba ho ko lo ku  
  all PRT say all-Ku  
'For all, tang is said.'

  25r-10  t[q cM ba nI eAa rokq /
  t(a)ng chaM bA nI ?O rok  
  tang cham ba ni o rok  
  dew PRT say dew-K  
'For dew, tang is said.'

  25r-11  t[q cM ba pa cI eA] tkq /
  t(a)ng chaM bA pA chI ?E t(a)k  
  tang cham ba pa chi e tak  
        pani eta-k  
  bird-lime PRT say bird-lime-K  
'For bird-lime, tang is said.'

  25r-12  t[q cM ba p[q pa rI borq /
  t(a)ng chaM bA p(a)ng pA rI bor  
  tang cham ba pang pa ri bor  
        pang pat-ibo-r  
  plan, to PRT say to plan-R  
'For planning, tang is said.'

  25r-13  tI[q cM ba BU kU m; rI borq /
  tIng chaM bA bhU kU ma rI bor  
  ting cham ba bhu ku ma ri bor  
        bhuku mar-ibo-r  
  punch, to PRT say to strike with the fist-R  
'For striking with the fist, ting is said.'

  25r-14  tI[q cM ba bInq nokq kU /
  tIng chaM bA bIn nok kU  
  ting cham ba bin nok ku  
  harp PRT say harp-Ku  
'For a harp, ting is said.'

  25r-15  tI[q cM ba eBa era dI borq /
  tIng chaM bA bhO rO dI bor  
  ting cham ba bho ro di bor  
        bhoron di-bo-r  
  apply a cold poltice, to PRT say to put a cold application on the head when ill-R  
'For putting a cold application on the head when ill, ting is said.'

  25r-16  tI[q cM ba xU sI borq /
  tIng chaM bA khU sI bor  
  ting cham ba khu si bor  
  thrust, to PRT say to thrust-R  
'For thrusting, ting is said.'

  25r-17  tI[q cM ba nI k; borq /
  tIng chaM bA nI ka bor  
  ting cham ba ni ka bor  
  weed, to PRT say to weed-R  
'For weeding, ting is said.'

  25r-18  tI[q cM ba nI tikq /
  tIng chaM bA nI tik  
  ting cham ba ni tik  
  morality PRT say morality-K  
'For morality, ting is said.'

  25r-19  tI[q cM ba tI eAa hokq /
  tIng chaM bA tI ?O hok  
  ting cham ba ti o hok  
  cucumber PRT say cucumber-K  
'For a cucumber, ting is said.'

  25r-20  tu[q cM ba eva ela nikq /
  tung chaM bA thO lO nik  
  tung cham ba tho lo nik  
  plain PRT say a plain-K  
'For a plain, tung is said.'

  25r-21  tu[q cM ba ryq eda xokq /
  tung chaM bA r(a)j dO khok  
  tung cham ba raj do khok  
        raj dukho-k  
  treachery PRT say treachery-K  
'For treachery, tung is said.'

  25r-22  tu[q cM ba eva era nikq /
  tung chaM bA thO rO nik  
  tung cham ba tho ro nik  
        khuta-r dhoroni-k  
  post, support PRT say a support of a post-K  
'For a support of a post, tung is said.'

  25r-23  tu[q cM ba kusq pa tI eDa rI borq /
  tung chaM bA kus pA tI dhO rI bor  
  tung cham ba kus pa ti dho ri bor  
        kus pati dhor-ibo-r  
  gather one end of a cloth into a bag to receive something, to PRT say to gather one end of a cloth into a bag to receive something-R  
'For gathering one end of a cloth into a bag to receive something, tung is said.'

  25r-24  tu[q cM ba xuw eboa k; rI borq /
  tung chaM bA khuw moO ka rI bor  
  tung cham ba khu mo ka ri bor  
        humonia kar-ibo-r  
  sigh, to PRT say to sigh-R  
'For sighing, tung is said.'

  25r-25  tu[q cM ba Aukq mIkq la rI borq /
  tung chaM bA uk mIk lA rI bor  
  tung cham ba uk mik la ri bor  
        ukhol makhol lag-ibo-r  
  suffocate, to PRT say to feel restless due to suffocation-R  
'For feeling restless due to suffocation, tung is said.'

  25v-1  tu[q cM ba m; nU eh] eka la tI borq /
  tung chaM bA ma nU hE kO lA tI bor  
  tung cham ba ma nu he ko la ti bor  
        manuhe hesa di-bo-r  
  pressed by a crowd, to be PRT say to be pressed by a crowd of people-R  
'For being pressed by a crowd of people, tung is said.'

  25v-2  tu[q cM ba tu[q q borq /
  tung chaM bA tung tung bor  
  tung cham ba tung tung bor  
  coax, to PRT say to coax-R  
'For coaxing, tung is said.'

  25v-3  to[q cM ba ep] tokq /
  tong chaM bA pE tok  
  tong cham ba pe tok  
  belly PRT say belly-K  
'For the belly, tong is said.'

  25v-4  to[q cM ba pa tokq /
  tong chaM bA pA tok  
  tong cham ba pa tok  
  plank PRT say a plank-K  
'For a plank, tong is said.'

  25v-5  to[q cM ba kI Aopq eka rI borq /
  tong chaM bA kI ?op kO rI bor  
  tong cham ba ki op ko ri bor  
    PRT say    

  25v-6  to[q cM ba dU xotq to[q eka rI borq /
  tong chaM bA dU khot tong kO rI bor  
  tong cham ba du khot tong ko ri bor  
        dukh-ot tong kor-ibo-r  
  feel the pangs of adversity, to PRT say to feel the pangs of adversity-R  
'For feeling the pangs of adversity, tong is said.'

  25v-7  to[q cM ba pI eta lokq /
  tong chaM bA pI tO lok  
  tong cham ba pi to lok  
  brass PRT say brass-K  
'For brass, tong is said.'

  25v-8  to[q cM ba xU da m; rI borq /
  tong chaM bA khU dA ma rI bor  
  tong cham ba khu da ma ri bor  
        khunda mar-ibo-r  
  strike, to PRT say to strike-R  
'For striking, tong is said.'

  25v-9  to[q cM ba et] la m; rI borq /
  tong chaM bA tE lA ma rI bor  
  tong cham ba te la ma ri bor  
        tola mar-ibo-r  
  lock up, to PRT say to lock up-R  
'For locking up, tong is said.'

  25v-10  tE[q cM ba dU bikq /
  tiung chaM bA dU bik  
  tvng cham ba du bik  
  pool, deep PRT say a deep pool of water-K  
'For a deep pool of water, tvng is said.'

  25v-11  tE[q cM ba eha rI nkq /
  tiung chaM bA hO rI n(a)k  
  tvng cham ba ho ri nak  
  deer PRT say a deer-K  
'For a deer, tvng is said.'

  25v-12  tE[q cM ba K; Dokq /
  tiung chaM bA ga dhok  
  tvng cham ba ga dhok  
  ass PRT say an ass-K  
'For an ass, tvng is said.'

  25v-13  tE[q cM ba ryq eda xokq /
  tiung chaM bA r(a)j dA khok  
  tvng cham ba raj da khok  
        raj dukh-ok  
  calamity for the whole country PRT say the general calamity affecting the whole country-K  
'For the general calamity affecting the whole country, tvng is said.'

  25v-14  p[q cM ba eva ela nikq /
  p(a)ng chaM bA thO lO nik  
  pang cham ba tho lo nik  
  plain PRT say a plain-K  
'For a plain, pang is said.'

  25v-15  p[q cM ba Ba nI borq /
  p(a)ng chaM bA bhA nI bor  
  pang cham ba bha ni bor  
  break, to PRT say to break-R  
'For breaking, pang is said.'

  25v-16  p[q cM ba em] eva nokq /
  p(a)ng chaM bA mE thO nok  
  pang cham ba me tho nok  
  bison PRT say a bison-K  
'For a bison, pang is said.'

  25v-17  p[q cM ba eha h; epa hU /
  p(a)ng chaM bA hO ha pO hU  
  pang cham ba ho ha po hu  
  hare PRT say a hare  
'For a hare, pang is said.'

  25v-18  p[q cM ba ed]w p[q [okq /
  p(a)ng chaM bA dEw p(a)ng ngok  
  pang cham ba dew pang ngok  
  altar PRT say an altar-K  
'For an altar, pang is said.'

  25v-19  p[q cM ba em] kukq /
  p(a)ng chaM bA mE kuk  
  pang cham ba me kuk  
    PRT say    

  25v-20  p[q cM ba s; epa rikq /
  p(a)ng chaM bA sa pO rik  
  pang cham ba sa po rik  
  highland PRT say high land-K  
'For high land, pang is said.'

  25v-21  p[q cM ba sU eAa rIp epa hu[q /
  p(a)ng chaM bA sU O rIp pO hung  
  pang cham ba su o rip po hung  
  deer, fallow PRT say a fallow-deer-K  
'For a fallow-deer, pang is said.'

  25v-22  pi[q cM ba esa pI tkq /
  ping chaM bA sO pI t(a)k  
  ping cham ba so pi tak  
    PRT say    

  27r-1  mo[q cM ba GU dU rokq /
  mong chaM bA ghU dU rok  
  mong cham ba ghu du rok  
  heavy PRT say heavy-K  
'For heavy, mong is said.'

  27r-2  mo[q cM ba em] el] Du Akq /
  mong chaM bA mE lE dhu ?(a)k  
  mong cham ba me le dhu ak  
  sooty PRT say sooty-K  
'For sooty, mong is said.'

  27r-3  mo[q cM ba esa kU Alq /
  mong chaM bA sO kU ?(a)l  
  mong cham ba so ku al  
  distinct PRT say distinct  
'For distinct, mong is said.'

  27r-4  mE[q cM ba rj yokq /
  miung chaM bA rai jok  
  mvng cham ba rai jok  
  kingdom PRT say kingdom-K  
'For kingdom, mvng is said.'

  27r-5  mE[q cM ba Kunq Ku na borq /
  miung chaM bA gun gu nA bor  
  mvng cham ba gun gu na bor  
  hum, to PRT say to hum-R  
'For humming, mvng is said.'

  27r-6  f[q cM ba eKa rkq /
  ph(a)ng chaM bA gO r(a)k  
  phang cham ba go rak  
  river bank PRT say river bank-K  
'For river bank, phang is said.'

  27r-7  f[q cM ba A; gI Aa eya lkq /
  ph(a)ng chaM bA ?a gI ?A jO l(a)k  
  phang cham ba a gi aa jo lak  
        agia jOl-Ok  
  tobacco plant, a kind of PRT say a kind of tobacco plant-K  
'For a kind of tobacco plant, phang is said.'

  27r-8  f[q cM ba mI sa; eka vkq /
  ph(a)ng chaM bA mI sAa kO th(a)k  
  phang cham ba mi sa ko thak  
        misa kOtHa-k  
  lie, a PRT say lie-K  
'For lie, phang is said.'

  27r-9  f[q cM ba et] pj ema rkq /
  ph(a)ng chaM bA tE pai mO r(a)k  
  phang cham ba te pai mo rak  
        tepai mOra-k  
  deceive, to, by doing something imperfectly PRT say deceiving by doing something imperfectly-K  
'For deceiving by doing something imperfectly, phang is said.'

  27r-10  f[ cM ba pU tI borq /
  ph(a)ng chaM bA pU tI bor  
  phang cham ba pu ti bor  
  fill up, to PRT say to fill up-R  
'For filling up, phang is said.'

  27r-11  f[ cM ba vnq Aorq ena rkq /
  ph(a)ng chaM bA th(a)n ?or nO r(a)k  
  phang cham ba than or no rak  
        dHan-Or nOra-k  
  paddy stubble PRT say stubble of paddy-K  
'For a stubble of paddy, phang is said',

  27r-12  f[ cM ba ev] eh] sa m; rI borq /
  ph(a)ng chaM bA thE hE sA ma rI bor  
  phang cham ba the he sa ma ri bor  
        tHekesa mar-ibO-r  
  throw down violently, to PRT say to throw down violently-R  
'For throwing down violently, phang is said.'

  27r-13  f[ cM ba eha rI tlq pokq /
  ph(a)ng chaM bA hO rI t(a)l pok  
  phang cham ba ho ri tal pok  
        horir-or tap-ok  
  temperature of the body PRT say temperature of the body-K  
'For temperature of the body, phang is said.'

  27r-14  f[ cM ba kU rI eka nkq /
  ph(a)ng chaM bA kU rI kO n(a)k  
  phang cham ba ku ri ko nak  
  night blindness PRT say night blindness-K  
'For night blindness, phang is said.'

  27r-15  fi[q cM ba eA] srq m; rI borq /
  phing chaM bA ?E s(a)r ma rI bor  
  phing cham ba e sar ma ri bor  
        esar mar-ibO-r  
  throw with a sudden jerk, to PRT say to throw off with a sudden jerk-R  
'For throwing off with a sudden jerk, phing is said.'

  27r-16  fi[ cM ba yuNq tU A; borq /
  phing chaM bA juN tU ?a bor  
  phing cham ba jui tu a bor  
        jui pHua-bO-r  
  warm by a fire, to PRT say to warm oneself in fire-R  
'For warming oneself in fire, phing is said.'

  27r-17  fi[ cM ba purq borq biw h; rokq /
  phing chaM bA pur bor biw ha rok  
  phing cham ba pur bor biu ha rok  
        purbOr byOwOhar-Ok  
  custom PRT say custom-K  
'For custom, phing is said.'

  27r-18  fi[ cM ba eka nI tokq /
  phing chaM bA kO nI tok  
  phing cham ba ko ni tok  
  youngest PRT say youngest-K  
'For youngest, phing is said.'

  27r-19  fi[ cM ba eva kkq /
  phing chaM bA thO k(a)k  
  phing cham ba tho kak  
  wooden stand for keeping religious books PRT say wooden stand for keeping religious books-K  
'For a wooden stand for keeping religious books, phing is said.'

  27r-20  fu[q cM ba yU mokq /
  phung chaM bA jU mok  
  phung cham ba ju mok  
  swarm PRT say swarm-K  
'For a swarm, phung is said.'

  27v-1  fu[q cM ba AU eBaK; boa tI borq /
  phung chaM bA ?U bhO ga boO tI bor  
  phung cham ba u bho ga boo ti bor  
        dubHag kOr-ibO-r  
  divide, to PRT say to divide into two parts-R  
'For dividing into two parts, phung is said.'

  27v-2  fu[q cM ba AU efa rI epa rkq /
  phung chaM bA ?U phO rI pO r(a)k  
  phung cham ba u pho ri po rak  
        upHor-i pOr-ak  
  flung, to be PRT say to be flung off-K  
'For being flung off, phung is said.'

  27v-3  fu[q cM ba Au yirq x; borq /
  phung chaM bA ?U j(a)r kha bor  
  phung cham ba u jar kha bor  
        ujar kHa-bO-r  
  uneven, to be PRT say to be uneven -R  
'For being uneven, phung is said'

  27v-4  fo[q cM ba t; era nkq /
  phong chaM bA ta rO n(a)k  
  phong cham ba ta ro nak  
  deliverance PRT say deliverance-K  
'For deliverance, phong is said.'

  27v-5  fo[q cM ba KU rikq /
  phong chaM bA gU rIk  
  phong cham ba gu rik  
  cart PRT say cart-K  
'For cart, phong is said.'

  27v-6  fo[q cM ba BU likq /
  phong chaM bA bhU lik  
  phong cham ba bhu lik  
  dust PRT say dust-K  
'For dust, phong is said.'

  27v-7  fo[q cM ba monq tRow nkq /
  phong chaM bA mon trow n(a)k  
  phong cham ba mon trou nak  
  counsel PRT say counsel-K  
'For counsel, phong is said.'

  27v-8  fo[q cM ba yU era na eka rI borq /
  phong chaM bA jU rO nA kO rI bor  
  phong cham ba ju ro na ko ri bor  
  rest, to PRT say to rest-R  
'For resting, phong is said.'

  27v-9  fo[q cM ba pRow tI pa lokq /
  phong chaM bA prow tI pA lok  
  phong cham ba prau ti pa lok  
  caretaker PRT say caretaker-K  
'For caretaker, phong is said.'

  27v-10  fE[q cM ba m] nUkq /
  phiung chaM bA mV nUk  
  phvng cham ba mav nuk  
  honey PRT say honey -K  
'For honey, phvng is said.'

  27v-11  fE[q cM ba Dnq Aorq ena rkq /
  phiung chaM bA dh(a)n or nO r(a)k  
  phvng cham ba dhan or no rak  
        dhan-or nora-k  
  the lowest part of the paddy used for making roof PRT say the lowest part of the paddy used for making roof-K  
'For the lowest part of paddy used for making roof, is said phvng.'

  27v-9  fE[q cM ba bI eAa lI borq /
  phiung chaM bA bI O lI bor  
  phvng cham ba bi o li bor  
  spread, to PRT say to spread (as ink on blotting paper) -R  
'For spreading, phvng is said.'

  27v-10  fE[q cM ba KU bI la borq /
  phiung chaM bA gU bI lA bor  
  phvng cham ba gu bi la bor  
  distribute, to PRT say to distribute-R  
'For distributing, phvng is said.'

  27v-11  v[q cM ba hI DI eha borq /
  th(a)ng chaM bA hI dhI hO bor  
  thang cham ba hi dhi ho bor  
        XidHi hO-bO-r  
  attain one's object, to PRT say to attain an object-R  
'For attaining an object, thang is said.'

  27v-12  v[q cM ba esa eka lokq /
  th(a)ng chaM bA sO kO lok  
  thang cham ba so ko lok  
  slice PRT say slice-K  
'For a slice, thang is said.'

  27v-13  v[q cM ba AU A; K; tokq /
  th(a)ng chaM bA ?U ?a ga tok  
  thang cham ba u a ga tok  
  spring PRT say a spring-K  
'For a spring, thang is said.'

  27v-14  v[q cM ba tI e[a na k; likq /
  th(a)ng chaM bA tI ngO nA ka lik  
  thang cham ba ti ngo na ka lik  
        tingOna ali-k  
  road, elevated PRT say an elevated road-K  
'For an elevated road, thang is said.'

  27v-15  vi[q cM ba epa Drq rokq /
  thing chaM bA pO dh(a)r rok  
  thing cham ba po dha rok  
  field PRT say field-K  
'For field, thing is said.'

  27v-16  vi[q cM ba eka va AU eba rI borq /
  thing chaM bA kO thA ?U bO rI bor  
  thing cham ba ko tha u bo ri bor  
        kotHa ulOt-abO-r  
  alter what was said, to PRT say to alter what once said-R  
'For altering what once said, thing is said.'

  28r-1  vi[q cM ba eb]rikq /
  thing chaM bA bE rik  
  thing cham ba be rik  
  ornament worn on the neck PRT say a kind of ornament worn on the neck-K  
'For a kind of ornament worn on the neck, thing is said.'

  28r-2  vi[q cM ba rI rI pa tokq /
  thing chaM bA rI rI pA tok  
  thing cham ba ri ri pa tok  
        biria pat-Ok  
  bamboo piece used for carrying on the shoulder PRT say a flat piece of bamboo used for carrying a load on the shoulder-K  
'For a flat piece of bamboo used for carrying a load on the shoulder, thing is said.'

  28r-3  vu[q cM ba mU nkq /
  thung chaM bA mU n(a)k  
  thung cham ba mu nak  
  bag PRT say bag-K  
'For a bag, thung is said.'

  28r-4  vu[q cM ba mU xI m; rikq /
  thung chaM bA mU khI ma rik  
  thung cham ba mu khi ma rik  
        mutHi mari-k  
  closing the fist PRT say closing the fist-K  
'For the closing of the fist, thung is said.'

  28r-5  vo[q cM ba GU eka t; m; rI /
  thong chaM bA ghU kO ta ma ri  
  thong cham ba ghu ko ta ma ri  
        gHukuta mar-ibO-r  
  poke at, to PRT say to poke at-R  
'For poking at something, thong is said.'

  28r-6  vo[q cM ba tolq h; sokq m; rI borq /
  thong chaM bA tol ha sok ma rI bor  
  thong cham ba tol ha sok ma ri bor  
        tOl pundH mar-ibO-r  
  tuck a cloth in one end of the waist, to PRT say to tuck in one end of a waist-cloth behind-R  
'For tucking in one end of a waist cloth behind, thong is said.'

  28r-7  vo[q cM ba ema eha tI Aj /
  thong chaM bA mO hO tI ?ai  
  thong cham ba mo ho ti ai  
        mOhOtiai mar  
  destroy by trampling PRT say to destroy by trampling  
'For destroying by trampling, thong is said.'

  28r-8  vo[q cM ba ev] kI borq /
  thong chaM bA thE kI bor  
  thong cham ba the ki bor  
  support a slanting tree, get jostled to PRT say to support slanting tree, to get jostled -R  
'For supporting a slanting tree, jostling thong is said.'

  28r-9  vE[q cM ba et] kI borq /
  thiung chaM bA tE kI bor  
  thvng cham ba te ki bor  
  last, to PRT say to last-R  
'For lasting, thong is said.'

  28r-10  vE[q cM ba exa rukq /
  thiung chaM bA khO ruk  
  thvng cham ba kho ruk  
  quickness PRT say quickness-K  
'For quickness, thvng is said.'

  28r-11  s[q cM ba soj Ao[q [okq /
  s(a)ng chaM bA soi ong ngok  
  sang cham ba soi ong ngok  
  platform, high PRT say a high platform-K  
'For a high platform, sang is said.'

  28r-12  s[q cM ba ed] eAa tkq /
  s(a)ng chaM bA dE ?O t(a)k  
  sang cham ba de o tak  
  God PRT say God-K  
'For God, sang is said.'

  28r-13  s[q cM ba eba eta r; dI borq /
  s(a)ng chaM bA bO tO ra dI bor  
  sang cham ba bo to ra di bor  
        bOtOra di-bO-r  
  give information, to PRT say to give information-R  
'For giving information, sang is said.'

  28r-14  s[q cM ba AuNq Gokq /
  s(a)ng chaM bA ?uN ghok  
  sang cham ba ui ghok  
        ui-r ghor-ok  
  ant hole PRT say hole of ants-K  
'For ant hole, sang is said.'

  28r-15  s[q cM ba eya dI ba rU bU lkq /
  s(a)ng chaM bA jO dI bA rU bU l(a)k  
  sang cham ba jo di ba ru bu lak  
        jOdi, baru-bula-k  
  if; and PRT say to say if and and-K  
'For if, sang is said.'

  28r-16  s[q cM ba htq xU la /
  s(a)ng chaM bA h(a)t khU lA  
  sang cham ba hat khu la  
        hat mela  
  stretch out the hand, to PRT say to stretch out the hand  
'For stretching out the hand, sang is said.'

  28r-17  sI[q cM ba m; tokq /
  sIng chaM bA ma tok  
  sing cham ba ma tok  
  voice PRT say voice-K  
'For voice, sing is said.'

  28r-18  si[q cM ba eha era esa tI /
  sing chaM bA hO rO sO tI  
  sing cham ba ho ro so ti  
  Saraswati, the goddess of learning PRT say Saraswati, the goddess of learning  
'For Saraswati, the goddess of learning, sing is said.'

  28r-19  si[q cM ba eA] t; borq /
  sing chaM bA ?E ta bor  
  sing cham ba e ta bor  
  clear, to PRT say to clear-R  
'For clearing, sing is said.'

  28r-20  si[q cM ba bU la borq /
  sing chaM bA bU lA bor  
  sing cham ba bu la bor  
        hat bula-bO-r  
  caress, to PRT say to caress-R  
'For caressing, sing is said.'

  28v-1  su[q cM ba AU exa hokq /
  sung chaM bA ?U khO hok  
  sung cham ba u kho hok  
  high PRT say high-K  
'For high, sung is said.'

  28v-2  su[q cM ba yU K; borq /
  sung chaM bA jU ga bor  
  sung cham ba ju ga bor  
  collect, to PRT say to collect-R  
'For collecting, sung is said.'

  28v-3  su[q cM ba m; nU horq yow kkq /
  sung chaM bA ma nU hor jow k(a)k  
  sung cham ba ma nu hor jou kak  
        manuh-Or jOka-k  
  human skeleton PRT say the human skeleton-K  
'For the human skeleton, sung is said.'

  28v-4  so[q cM ba yI lI kI borq /
  song chaM bA jI lI kI bor  
  song cham ba ji li ki bor  
  glitter, to PRT say to glitter-R  
'For glittering, song is said.'

  28v-5  so[q cM ba eha ykq /
  song chaM bA hO j(a)k  
  song cham ba ho jak  
  cage PRT say a cage-K  
'For a cage, song is said.'

  28v-6  so[q cM ba K; eta era kU /
  song chaM bA ga tO rO kU  
  song cham ba ga to ro ku  
        gat kHOna husung-Ok  
  instrument for digging PRT say an instrument for digging-K  
'For an instrument for digging, song is said.'

  28v-7  su[q [nq x cM ba AU AI kU /
  sung ng(a)n kh chaM bA ?U ?I kU  
  sung ngan kh cham ba u i ku  
  white ant PRT say a white ant-KU  
'For a white ant, sugn ngan kh is said.'

  28v-8  sE[q cM ba esa rkq /
  siung chaM bA sO r(a)k  
  svng cham ba so rak  
  extreme in behaviour, achievement, used in negative sense PRT say extreme in behaviour, achievement, used in negative sense -K  
'For extreme in behaviour, achievement, used in negative sense, svng is said.'

  28v-9  sE[q cM ba lU kU A; borq /
  siung chaM bA lU kU ?a bor  
  svng cham ba lu ku a bor  
  hide something, to PRT say to hide something-R  
'For hiding something, svng is said.'

  28v-10  sE[q cM ba eya k; m; nU bokq /
  siung chaM bA jO ka ma nU bok  
  svng cham ba jo ka ma nu bok  
        joka ulua manuh-ok  
  skinny people PRT say skinny people-K  
'For skinny people, svng is said.'

  28v-11  r[q cM ba ema r; hokq /
  r(a)ng chaM bA mO ra hok  
  rang cham ba mo ra hok  
        mOra XO-k  
  dead body PRT say a dead body-K  
'For a dead body, rang is said.'

  28v-12  r[q cM ba m; nU horq h; yokq /
  r(a)ng chaM bA ma nU hor ha jok  
  rang cham ba ma nu hor ha jok  
        manuh-Or Xaj-Ok  
  skeleton PRT say a skeleton-K  
'For a skeleton, rang is said.'

  28v-13  r[q cM ba esa rj ba hokq /
  r(a)ng chaM bA sO rai bA hok  
  rang cham ba so rai ba hok  
        sOrai-r bah-Ok  
  nest of a bird PRT say the nest of a bird-K  
'For the nest of a bird, rang is said.'

  28v-14  r[q cM ba eA] r; eba nokq /
  r(a)ng chaM bA ?E ra bO nok  
  rang cham ba e ra bo nok  
        era gOs-Ok  
  castor oil tree PRT say the castor oil tree-K  
'For the castor oil tree, rang is said.'

  28v-15  r[q cM ba r[q pa tI borq /
  r(a)ng chaM bA r(a)ng pA tI bor  
  rang cham ba rang pa ti bor  
  establish/ perform PRT say to establish/ perform-R  
'For establishing or performing, rang is said.'

  28v-16  r[q cM ba eB] tI eha ya borq /
  r(a)ng chaM bA bhE tI hO jA bor  
  rang cham ba bhe ti ho ja bor  
        bHeti tul-ibO-r  
  raise the floor of a house, to PRT say to raise the floor of a house-R  
'For raising the floor of a house, rang is said.'

  28v-17  r[q cM ba Akq rI tIkq /
  r(a)ng chaM bA ?(a)k rI tIk  
  rang cham ba ak ri tik  
  form PRT say a form-K  
'For a form, rang is said.'

  28v-18  r[q cM ba en] [U rokq /
  r(a)ng chaM bA nE ngU rok  
    cham ba ne ngu rok  
        negur/ neg-Ok  
  tail PRT say tail-K  
'For a tail, rang is said.'

  28v-19  ro[q cM ba eh] kI borq /
  rong chaM bA hE kI bor  
  rong cham ba he ki bor  
  heat, to PRT say to heat-R  
'For heating, rong is said.'

  29r-1  ri[q cM ba eh] ya rokq /
  ring chaM bA hE jA rok  
  ring cham ba he ja rok  
  thousand PRT say thousand-K  
'For thousand, ring is said.'

  29r-2  ri[q cM ba eba lIsq tokq /
  ring chaM bA bo lIs tok  
  ring cham ba bo lis tok  
  strong PRT say strong-K  
'For strong, ring is said.'

  29r-3  ri[q cM ba A; sa r; er] hU ba borq /
  ring chaM bA ?a sA ra rE hU bA bor  
  ring cham ba a sa ra re hu ba bor  
        esari-re kuba-bO-r  
  beat with a whip, to PRT say to beat with a whip-R  
'For beating with a whip, ring is said.'

  29r-4  ru[q cM ba pRow k; hokq /
  rung chaM bA prow ka hok  
  rung cham ba prau ka hok  
  light, expression PRT say light, expression,-K  
'For light, expression, rung is said.'

  29r-5  ru[q cM ba eDa nukq /
  rung chaM bA dhO nuk  
  rung cham ba dho nuk  
  bow PRT say bow-K  
'For bow, rung is said.'

  29r-6  ru[q cM ba Dnq vU kkq /
  rung chaM bA dh(a)n thU k(a)k  
  rung cham ba dhan thu kak  
        dHan-Or tHuk-Ok  
  sheaf of paddy PRT say a sheaf of paddy-K  
'For a sheaf of paddy, rung is said.'

  29r-7  ru[q cM ba hI ya borq /
  rung chaM bA hI jA bor  
  rung cham ba hi ja bor  
  boil, to PRT say to boil-R  
'For boiling, rung is said.'

  29r-8  ru[q cM ba na Au efa rI borq /
  rung chaM bA nA ?u phO rI bor  
  rung cham ba na u pho ri bor  
  put cargo into a boat, to PRT say to put cargo into a boat-R  
'For putting cargo into a boat, rung is said.'

  29r-9  ru[q cM ba eka rI borq /
  rung chaM bA kO rI bor  
  rung cham ba ko ri bor  
  do, to PRT say to do-R  
'For doing, rung is said.'

  29r-10  ru[q cM ba yI lI kI borq /
  rung chaM bA jI lI kI bor  
  rung cham ba ji li ki bor  
  glitter, to PRT say to glitter-R  
'For glittering, rung is said.'

  29r-11  ro[q cM ba k; er] [okq /
  rong chaM bA ka rE ngok  
  rong cham ba ka re ngok  
  palace with a raised platform PRT say palace with a raised platform-K  
'For a palace with a raised platform, rong is said.'

  29r-12  ro[q cM ba da [I borq /
  rong chaM bA dA ngI bor  
  rong cham ba da ngi bor  
  lift, to PRT say to lift-R  
'For lifting, rong is said.'

  29r-13  ro[q cM ba rI [; borq /
  rong chaM bA rI nga bor  
  rong cham ba ri nga bor  
  call out, to PRT say to call out-R  
'For calling out, rong is said.'

  29r-14  ro[q cM ba ynq nokq /
  rong chaM bA j(a)n nok  
  rong cham ba jan nok  
  waterfall, small PRT say small waterfall-K  
'For a small waterfall, rong is said.'

  29r-15  ro[q cM ba x; kojNq /
  rong chaM bA kha koiny  
  rong cham ba kha koi  
  skin irritation, a type PRT say a type of skin irritation  
'For a type of skin irritation, rong is said.'

  29r-16  rE[q cM ba era [okq /
  riung chaM bA rO ngok  
  rvng cham ba ro ngok  
  colour PRT say colour/happiness-K  
'For colour/ happiness, rvng is said.'

  29r-17  rE[q cM ba bI loM bokq /
  riung chaM bA bI loM bok  
  rvng cham ba bi lom bok  
  lateness PRT say lateness-K  
'For lateness, rvng is said.'

  29r-18  rE[q cM ba eAa DIkq dI enokq /
  riung chaM bA ?O dhIk dI nok  
  rvng cham ba o dhik di nok  
        Onek din-Ok  
  days, many PRT say many days-K  
'For many days, rvng is said.'

  29r-19  y[q cM ba eb] [; em] lkq /
  j(a)ng chaM bA bE nga mE l(a)k  
  jang cham ba be nga me lak  
        benga mela-k  
  stride, to PRT say to stride-K  
'For stride, jang is said.'

  29r-20  y[q cM ba ya kI dI borq /
  j(a)ng chaM bA jA kI dI bor  
  jang cham ba ja ki di bor  
        jaki di-bO-r  
  apply heat, to PRT say to apply heat-R  
'For applying heat, jang is said.'

  29v-1  y[q cM ba xU epa nI dI borq /
  j(a)ng chaM bA khU pO nI dI bor  
  jang cham ba khu po ni di bor  
        kHupOni di-bO-r  
  put pressure on the ground with the toes in order to prevent slipping, to PRT say to put pressure on the ground with the toes in order to prevent slipping-R  
'For putting pressure on the ground with the toes in order to prevent slipping, jang is said.'

  29v-2  y[q cM ba eba K; bosq tukq /
  j(a)ng chaM bA bO ga bos tuk  
  jang cham ba bo ga bos tuk  
        bOga bOstu-k  
  white, anything white PRT say anything white-K  
'For anything white, jang is said.'

  29v-3  y[q cM ba eA] bukq /
  j(a)ng chaM bA ?E buk  
  jang cham ba e buk  
  to the chest PRT say to the chest-K  
'For to the chest, jang is said.'

  29v-4  y[q cM ba el] va rokq /
  j(a)ng chaM bA lE thA rok  
  jang cham ba le tha rok  
  connected row PRT say a connected row-K  
'For a connected row, jang is said.'

  29v-5  y[q cM ba yilq mI la borq /
  j(a)ng chaM bA jil mI lA bor  
  jang cham ba jil mi la bor  
  glitter, to PRT say to glitter-R  
'For glittering, jang is said.'

  29v-6  y[q cM ba A; es] /
  j(a)ng chaM bA ?a sE  
  jang cham ba a se  
  have PRT say to have  
'For to have, jang is said.'

  29v-7  yi[q cM ba yI Aa pUkq /
  jing chaM bA jI ?A pUk  
  jing cham ba ji a puk  
        jinya puk  
  dragonfly PRT say dragon-fly  
'For a dragon-fly, jing is said.'

  29v-8  yi[q cM ba KU rU h; da [I y; borq /
  jing chaM bA gU rU ha dA ngI ja bor  
  jing cham ba gu ru ha da ngi ja bor  
        guruha dang-i ja-bO-r  
  walk on tiptoe, to PRT say to walk on tiptoe-R  
'For walking on tiptoe, jing is said.'

  29v-9  yu[q cM ba Ba tow AU eka lI da borq /
  jung chaM bA bhA tow U kO lI dA bor  
  jung cham ba bha tow u ko li da bor  
        bHat ukolia-bO-r  
  eject from the mouth, to PRT say to eject from the mouth-R  
'For ejecting from the mouth, jung is said.'

  29v-10  yu[q cM ba pa nI AU vlq eDa rI borq /
  jung chaM bA pA nI U th(a)l dhO rI bor  
  jung cham ba pa ni u thal dho ri bor  
        pani uthal dhor-ibo-r  
  overflow, of water, to PRT say to overflow of water-R  
'For overflowing of water, jung is said.'

  29v-11  yu[q cM ba ema r; esa rj /
  jung chaM bA mO ra sO rai  
  jung cham ba mo ra so rai  
        mOra sOrai  
  peacock PRT say peacock  
'For a peacock, jung is said.'

  29v-12  yo[q cM ba es] kU rI Akq /
  jong chaM bA sE kU rI ?(a)k  
  jong cham ba se ku ri ak  
        sekur bOndHa-k  
  coagulated into many holes PRT say coagulated into many holes-K  
'For coagulating into many holes, jong is said.'

  29v-13  yo[q cM ba eya hI sa /
  jong chaM bA jO hI sA  
  jong cham ba jo hi sa  
  fame PRT say fame  
'For fame, jong is said.'

  29v-14  yo[q cM ba nuw eAa rI Akq /
  jong chaM bA nuw ?O rI ?(a)k  
  jong cham ba nu o ri ak  
  boatman PRT say boatman-K  
'For a boatman, jong is said.'

  29v-15  yE[q cM ba eA] ek] sI Aa da hikq /
  jiung chaM bA ?E kE sI ?A dA hik  
  jvng cham ba e ke si a da hik  
    PRT say    

  29v-16  yE[q cM ba pa nI ba rI borq /
  jiung chaM bA pA nI bA rI bor  
  jvng cham ba pa ni ba ri bor  
        pani bObO-r  
  flow, to PRT say flow of water-R  
'For the flow of water, jvng is said.'

  29v-17  yE[q cM ba Arq hikq /
  jiung chaM bA ?(a)r hik  
  jvng cham ba ar hik  
  ideal PRT say ideal-K  
'For ideal, jvng is said.'

  29v-18  N[q cM ba A; sI borq /
  N(a)ng chaM bA ?a sI bor  
  nyang cham ba a si bor  
  be, to PRT say to be-R  
'For being, nyang is said.'

  29v-19  N[q cM ba yI eAa pukq /
  N(a)ng chaM bA jI ?O puk  
  nyang cham ba ji o puk  
        jinya puk  
  dragonfly PRT say dragon-fly  
'For dragon-fly, nyang is said.'

  30r-1  Ni[q cM ba K; borq /
  Ning chaM bA ga bor  
  nying cham ba ga bor  
  sing, to PRT say to sing-R  
'For singing, nying is said.'

  30r-2  Niu[q cM ba A; AU lokq /