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About the SEAlang Library Wa Resources 
SEAlang's Wa dictionary is based on the Wa Dictionary Database, produced by the SOAS Wa Dictionary Project (Justin Watkins PI, AHRC 2003-2006).  A two-volume print version Dictionary of Wa is also available.

    The Wa Dictionary is corpus-based, and draws on essentially all texts that could be located and digitized (see inventory).  Roughly 80% of the texts were originally written using the orthography developed in the People's Republic of China in the 1950, and referred to as PRC Wa.  The remainder are mainly religious texts based on so-called "Bible Wa," and now codified in Burma/Myanmar as Official Wa (see comparison);

    The dictionary includes roughly 12,000 headwords (compounds are also treated as heads). 

Searches may use either Official or PRC Wa (as set with the Orthography buttons), and results use the same orthography.  Both PRC Wa and IPA input will automatically convert special characters:
IPA:   E = ɛ, O = ɔ, V = ɤ, W = ɯ, ? = ʔ, H = ʰ, N = ŋ, Y = ɲ, C = ɕ, Z = ʑ
      : following any vowel = diaeresis below (breathy register)
PRC Wa:   A = ā, E = ē, I = ī, O = ō, U = ū
Queries may:
-- include an asterisk -- * -- as a wildcard that matches any number of characters; asterisks may appear in any position. 
-- require matches for any or all of the Wa text (of the headword), its phonetic equivalent, or English text from the definition.
-- be limited to a particular etymology, usage, part-of-speech, or subject.
-- finally, the English search term can be expanded (default) to include inflected forms (a search for sing matches sings, singing, sang, sung as well).

Copyright notices
Used by permission of the Wa Dictionary Project.  Book cover copyright 2013 Koninklijke Brill NV.